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  1. Demetra
    by Endname
  2. Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
    by Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
  3. EOS
    by Talbot
  4. Универс (Universe)
    by Шишкин Лес (Cone Forest)
  5. Prologue
    by Slowrun
  6. The Other Sight
    by Grown Below
  7. Intacta
    by Kashchey
  8. White Silence (Белое Безмолвие)
    by Steny Lda (Стены Льда)
  9. Kinetic
    by Catacombe
  10. Onomatopoeia
    by Sequoian Aequison
  11. The Long Now
    by Grown Below
  12. All Is One
    by Drawers
  13. -11 (Minus Eleven)
    by Reido
  14. No
    by Starchitect
  15. Les Corps Flottants
    by Rostres
  16. Harvest Years
    by A Cold Dead Body
  17. Материя (Matter)
    by Шишкин Лес (Cone Forest)
  18. You Are Loved
    by The Death Of Her Money
  19. Renaissance Unraveling
    by Somnolent
  20. Time Without Light
    by The Deadists
  21. Eva
    by Endname
  22. The Sense Of Space
    by Fading Waves
  23. The Shipwreck
    by Whales And Aurora
  24. Genus Vitiosum
    by Ypres
  25. La Quintaesencia de Júpiter
    by AstorVoltaires
  26. Osoka
    by Osoka
  27. SplitCD
    by Fading Waves / Starchitect
  28. Promo 2016
    by HALLIG
  29. A Distant Reflection of the Void
    by HALLIG
  30. Demo 2011
    by HALLIG
  31. 13 Keys to Lunacy
    by HALLIG
  32. Merciless Savagery
    by AntropomorphiA
  33. Into the Black
    by Aesthetic Perfection
  34. TRE
    by The Devil And The Almighty Blues
  35. Constellation Of The Black Light
    by Wolfheart
  36. The Spoils
    by Zola Jesus
  37. Okovi
    by Zola Jesus
  38. Hiss Spun
  39. King Of Everything
    by Jinjer
  40. Cloud Factory
    by Jinjer
  41. Rogue Taxidermy
    by Days N' Daze
    by Days N Daze
  43. Half Life
    by The Eden House
  44. Timeflows EP
    by The Eden House
  45. Here She Comes-a-Tumblin'
    by Birdeatsbaby