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  1. Transmissions: Vol. 04
    by FreqGen
  2. Transmissions: Vol. 03
    by FreqGen
  3. Transmissions: Vol. 02
    by FreqGen
    Sentient Sentient
  4. Transmissions: Vol. 01
    by FreqGen
  5. Vanishing point
    by Dirge
    Submarine Submarine
  6. Lost Empyrean
    by Dirge
    The burden of almost The burden of almost
  7. Divinorum LP
    by Au5
    Infinite Wings (Feat. Ashley Apollodor) Infinite Wings (Feat. Ashley Apollodor)
  8. Anchus Definy
    by Au5
    Anchus Definy Anchus Definy
  9. Fundamentals, Vol. III
    by Brothertiger
  10. Maneater (Original Video Game Soundtrack)
    by Daniel James
    Apex Predators Apex Predators
  11. The Oahu GP
    by Hello Meteor
  12. Sleep Artifacts
    by Hello Meteor
    Rain Petals Rain Petals
  13. Penumbra Soundtrack
    by Mikko Tarmia
  14. Amnesia: Rebirth (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Mikko Tarmia
  15. Amnesia: The Dark Descent OST
    by Mikko Tarmia
  16. Swimming In A Sea Of Dreams
    by Painting By Numbers
    Visions Visions
  17. Afterglow
    by bl00dwave
  18. 木漏れ日
    by Telenights
    Therma Therma
  19. Miami Virtual
    by Dan Mason ダン·メイソン
  20. Dancer on the Water
    by Brothertiger