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  1. Ascetic Reflection
    by Altars
  2. Dry & Grinding Mouth
  3. Metempiric
    by Knoll
    Burgeoning Pillars Burgeoning Pillars
    Oppressive and frighteningly visceral. Absolute step up from an already great debut, with this kind of trajectory, i see nothing but star status.
  4. Desecration
  5. Labascation
    by Carcinoma
  6. Second Strike
    by Massive Retaliation
  7. Discarnate Ails
    by HAUNTER
  8. Nudo Sordo
    by MICO
    Mico continues to push forward and is further cementing themselves as a force in the scene with this latest release. Nothing short of furious intent.
  9. s/t
    by Mutarotik
  10. Le Futur Est Là
    by Bombardement
  11. Basom Gryphos
    by Pestilength
    Engtlant Suhb Engtlant Suhb
    Unrelenting fury and cacophonous melancholy. I havent stopped listening to this since release. Masterful.
  12. To Weep for Unconquered Worlds
    by Human Cull
    Axe of Flint Axe of Flint
    Im probably going to change my favorite track at least 4 more times. Best grind album of the year thus far and sure to be on AOTY lists. Absolutely phenomenal.
  13. The Ancient Plague
    Savage Hunter Savage Hunter
  14. Interstice
    by Knoll
    Inherent of Life Inherent of Life
    Ive been able to catch these fellows live twice now. Make no mistake. Theyre the real deal. Unbridled oppression abundant in every menacing, tortured riff. Tense and chaotic, these are the sounds of a world being drained of all life.
  15. Járnviðr
    by Utstøtt
    Sköll og Hati Sköll og Hati
    Brutal as a snowstorm after a perfect day.
  16. The Grand Scheme of Things
    by Dormant Ordeal
    Let the Light In Let the Light In
    Keeps it at 100 the entire time. Theres nothing to not love about this album. I dare you to not head bang.
  17. Decatexis // Perpetuo Altar
  18. Nervures
    by Michel Anoia
  19. Chimaera
    Chimaerian Offspring - Part 2 Chimaerian Offspring - Part 2
    Monstrous. This is Hades.
  20. The Temple
    Martyr Of The Tyrant Martyr Of The Tyrant
    This just knocked its way into my top 10 of the year. STUNNING debut album from New Zealand, home to the almighty Ulcerate ( nods to the aforementioned heavy hitters themselves, with Jamie Saint Merats involvement and a few clear others) Theres some masterful songwriting on display here, as restraint is the name of the game, favoring a sense of melancholia induced rage and assault. Cannot wait to see what they have in store. Until then, this will certainly be in heavy rotation.