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    by PUP
  2. Diaspora Problems
    by SOUL GLO
  3. Mid-Century Modern
    by Talk Show Host
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    Running the perfect tightrope of punk and power pop with a few sonic diversions to keep things interesting, this tot floats my boat.
  4. Hygiene
  5. Thoughtless Cruelty
    by Thank
  6. Sleepwalk Me Home
    by The Jukebox Romantics
    Buried With Children Buried With Children
    Pop-punk bliss, great set of catchy and aggressive tunes and any song that ends with a bad Paul Simon whistle wins in my book.
  7. Meat Wave
    by Meat Wave
  8. Volcano Park
    by Meat Wave
    Fire Dreams Fire Dreams
    Probably the best band name in the business, which they back up with one of the best eps I've heard in ages, the build up to Fire Dreams sure is something to behold
  9. The Incessant
    by Meat Wave
    Bad Man Bad Man
    Talk about album flow, this has in spades, especially love the transition to the NoMeansNo sounding Bad Man, thought I shuffled to sex mad for a second. Awesome album.
  10. Wasted Energy
    by Press Club
  11. Course of Action [LP]
    by Mind Rays
    Single File Line Single File Line
    Tighter than their debut this album hums along like a demented McClusky - Turbonegro hybrid.
    by M Section
    I said I'd never fly S&M Airlines again but from the triumphant opening track to the total blast of Where's the Beef through to the surprisingly bona fide epic closing to Eerie, I'm all in.
    by M Section
  14. Dead End Tape
    by Emilie Zoé
  15. Hello Future Me
    by Emilie Zoé
  16. The Very Start
    by Emilie Zoé
    Sailor Sailor
    One of the most beautiful collections of songs I've ever heard, the same feeling I got when I first heard Elliot Smith's self titled. Every single song close to perfection.
  17. Shunners/Burrows
    by Coilguns
  18. Watchwinders
    by Coilguns
  19. Every Thing We Need
    by The Awful Lot
    Cogs In Lockstep Cogs In Lockstep
    The most fitting of album titles this album has every thing you need in a punk album; delicious puns (chorus of booze), anthems (cogs), Peart like drummin' ( Ignorance), thoraway ska tracks and Mad caddies lounge styles (payphone, femme fatale) and a whole lot of gang vocals. So, so very good
  20. Cowboy Music
    by Cerce