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  1. Life Awaits /往生
    by Life Awaits
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    Empty Empty
    With ball tearing riffs and huge vocals from the lads in Life Awaits, China wont need cheap labour to take over the world anymore. Hardcore is coming from China and it wants your scrotum.
  2. La Mancha Negra
    by La Mancha Negra
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    Black Leather Demon Black Leather Demon
    This is album is like my ex missus, dirty and likes it rough. Nuff' said.
  3. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
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    Headache Headache
    Almost fainted from the rapid blood flow to my c**k after hearing this album. Talent oozes out of these guys like water from Niagra falls!! Tight beats, cheeky riffs this album has it all!!
  4. Everstone
    by The Comfort
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    Hooks big enough to catch whales!! I dare you to walk away after hearing this song and not sing/hum the chorus... Dare you. Also, Australian, so thats pretty rad too
  5. The Things We Do To Find People Who Feel Like Us
    by Beach Slang
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    Throwaways Throwaways
    This record is the perfect mix of energy, groove and power to get any party started, and if that party doesnt start, drop those losers and take your cassette to another party and get shit started there!! Shit, you might even end up nailing the hottest bird there with powerful music that is Beach Slang!! Rock on kids!!
    by The Bennies
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    Stay Free Stay Free
    This thing is tight as balls!!!! Listen to it live or digitally this thing will give you goosebumps!!
    by The Bennies
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    Knights Forever Knights Forever
    Dont think, just get this album!!
  8. SMUT
    by Bateman
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    Huge sound from the Melbourne boys!! Get this in your ear holes now!