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  1. Perfect Strangers
    by Maxband
  2. Carl
    by Eight Carl
  3. (after): singing and guitar at Jacobikerk, Utrecht, Netherlands, Nov. 10th, 2017 at Le Guess Who? festival
    by Mount Eerie
  4. Whispers From An Angel
    by Yosi Horikawa
  5. Wandering EP
    by Yosi Horikawa
  6. Stars
    by Yosi Horikawa
  7. Vapor
    by Yosi Horikawa
  8. Vapor Remixed 1
    by Yosi Horikawa
  9. 1
    by Car Seat Headrest
  10. Nervous Young Man
    by Car Seat Headrest
  11. Monomania
    by Car Seat Headrest
  12. Little Pieces Of Paper With "No" Written On Them
    by Car Seat Headrest
  13. 2
    by Car Seat Headrest
  14. 4
    by Car Seat Headrest
  15. My Back Is Killing Me Baby
    by Car Seat Headrest
  16. Starving While Living
    by Car Seat Headrest
  17. How To Leave Town
    by Car Seat Headrest
  18. 3
    by Car Seat Headrest
  19. The Kid
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
    by DEAKIN
    Best AnCo related project since Live at 9:30, in my opinion.
  21. Now Only
    by Mount Eerie
    Loved Tintin & Distortion in live videos; really excited to hear this.
  22. Twin Fantasy
    by Car Seat Headrest
  23. Music for space observation
    by Jaja
    Far beyond the realm of the stars Far beyond the realm of the stars
    Great as always
  24. Live at College Street Music Hall May 26, 2017
    by Animal Collective
    Sweet Road Sweet Road
    New Sweet Road! Excited to say I've seen both versions now!
  25. Helplessness Blues
    by Fleet Foxes
    The Shrine / An Argument The Shrine / An Argument
    Fleet Foxes' best record to date. Listen on good headphones.
  26. Sun Giant
    by Fleet Foxes
    Mykonos Mykonos
    A great starter (unless you count the Fleet Foxes EP (I don't (because it doesn't sound like Fleet Foxes (I guess it kind of does (but not really)))) for the neo-folk pioneers.
  27. Fleet Foxes
    by Fleet Foxes
    He Doesn't Know Why He Doesn't Know Why
    The sound they would perfect with Helplessness Blues, spawning more than a decade of me-toos who never quite achieved what Fleet Foxes did on their two first LPs.
  28. Through the belt of Orion
    by Jaja
  29. One day on Arcturus
    by Jaja
    5°2° 5°2°
    Do it on FLAC with some nice open back headphones. Trust me~
  30. Mount Eerie pts. 6 & 7
    by Mount Eerie
    Mount Eerie pt. 6 (Known World) Mount Eerie pt. 6 (Known World)
    Not quite the original but very good!
  31. It Was Hot, We Stayed In The Water
    by the Microphones
    the Glow the Glow
    Great; wish I got the pop up book version of this but FLAC will have to do.
  32. Live at Fonda Theatre March 9, 2016
    by Animal Collective
    Alvin Row Alvin Row
    Worth the dollar if just for the new Alvin Row.
  33. Live in Seattle, Sept. 7th, 2013
    by Mount Eerie
    You Swan, Go On You Swan, Go On
    Mount Eeire going through the classics; great!
  34. Dawn
    by Mount Eerie
    It's Not The Hunting It's Not The Hunting
    An unconvinced Walden. Beautiful.
  35. Mount Eerie
    by the Microphones
    IV. Mount Eerie IV. Mount Eerie
  36. the Glow pt. 2
    by the Microphones
    I Want Wind To Blow I Want Wind To Blow
    A great starter for getting into Phil's work. It's as weird and well produced as you'd expect from someone who just got done making songs about musical equipment.
  37. A Crow Looked At Me
    by Mount Eerie
    Real Death Real Death
    Music's answer to The Year of Magical Thinking. My heart goes out to Phil.
  38. Shakey Graves And The Horse He Rode In On (Nobody's Fool & The Donor Blues EP)
    by Shakey Graves
    Two Shakey classics finally on vinyl; nothing new but still good.
  39. Testarossa
    by Yoni & Geti
    Lunchline Lunchline
    I saw Yoni & Geti in Dallas and Yoni kept acting like he was going to stagedive. Album's good.
  40. Either/Or
    by Elliott Smith
    Between The Bars Between The Bars
    Some of his best; no reason to not have listened to this record.
  41. And The War Came
    by Shakey Graves
    Family And Genus Family And Genus
    Not as weird as roll the bones, but still pretty damn good.
  42. Roll the Bones
    by Shakey Graves
    Business Lunch Business Lunch
    Shakey's magnum opus to date.
  43. Milky Way
    by Jaja
    Part I - Under the stars Part I - Under the stars
    Perfect meditation music. Sounds like, you guessed it, the stars. I want someone to love me like Jaja loves space aesthetics.
  44. Live at The Ritz April 13, 2016
    by Animal Collective
    Gnip Gnop Gnip Gnop
    Great; I wish they didn't slow dow Floridada.