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  1. Dust and Disquiet
    by Caspian
    Separation No. 2 Separation No. 2
  2. Variations On Swing
    by Meet Me In St Louis
    The Torso Was Severed In Mid Thorax The Torso Was Severed In Mid Thorax
  3. Twin Galaxies
    by Delta Sleep
    Spy Dolphin Spy Dolphin
    Amazing album with a beautiful concept and great storytelling. These guys totally deliver on their first full length and I can't wait to see them continue to grow and give us more sweet music to love.
  4. Patagonian Rats
    by Tera Melos
    Trident Tail Trident Tail
    Best Tera Melos album and a real masterpiece. If you so much as blink an eye you'll end up missing something (even if it is actually music you're listening to).
  5. Absent Sounds
    by From Indian Lakes
    Breathe, Desperately Breathe, Desperately
    "Oh, it's my face!", said Joey Vannucchi on their latest Audiotree session about the cover artwork. This album is From Indian Lakes not afraid to show their face as a band. With its beautiful, coherent sounds all throughout and brilliant songwriting, Absent Sounds manages to top its predecessor, which seemed to be an impossible task.
  6. Vigília
    by terno rei
    Manga Rosa Manga Rosa
    A voz, as melodias, o arranjo de guitarras e sintetizadores, a bateria. Tudo se encaixa numa linda parede de sons perfeitamente orquestrada.
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  7. Adventure, Stamina & Anger
    by TTNG
    Adventure, Stamina & Anger Adventure, Stamina & Anger
    It's weird that I got used to the live versions in which Henry is singing this song. But hey, this is great!
  8. Management
    by Delta Sleep
    Jesus Bill! Jesus Bill!
    Definitely one of the best new bands around. I just love everything these guys are going for in terms of progression, experimentation and mixture of genres and simply have the most fun possible listening to this.
  9. Our First American Friends
    by tubelord
    Night of the Pencils Night of the Pencils
    Nothing beats a good Tubelord tune. Here, we have ten of them. Guaranteed entertainment.
  10. First
    by Tangled Hair
    Just Like That Just Like That
    I'm seriously in love with Tangled Hair's music and in desperate need of that promised full length!
  11. First Contact
    by The Speed of Sound in Seawater
    To Kelly Lee To Kelly Lee
    Math/Indie Pop at its very best. Awesome and enjoyable all the way through.
  12. Apples
    by Tangled Hair
    I'm Calmer Than You Are I'm Calmer Than You Are
    This album is close to perfect! The guitarwork is awesome and the songs can be both calm and energetic, never ceasing to be extremely engaging. Can't wait to see what's next!
  13. Embark, Embrace
    by Enemies
    Love Unlimited Love Unlimited
    Every arrangement on here is just right on the spot. Great album from start to finish!