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  1. Smoking Mirrors EP
    by Breger
  2. COPY004 Cowpilation #1
    by Various Cows
  3. Breger's Copycow Collection
    by Breger and the Cows
  4. Dark and Groovy ~ Vol. I
    by Breger
  5. Chlorophone EP
    by Breger
  6. Techgnosis Vol. III
    by Techgnosis Records
  7. Another World
    by MNGRM
  8. Tech Tales 6.5
    by Various Artists
  9. [DD049] Convergence EP
    by Floating Machine
  10. VA - Dark Matters
    by Insonitus Records
  11. VA Haunted Spectre
    by Padang Records
  12. The Greys - Alien Tech EP
    by Pistolero Recordings
  13. Zooids Ep
    by Amuzing the Freak
  14. VA Lucid Labyrinth - Forgotten Forest 2016 Tribal Gathering
    by Tree Thuggaz Massive
  15. VA - Sacred Geometry
    by Insonitus Records
  16. VA - Quantum Carnival
    by Insonitus Records
  17. Orgamechanical
    by Sumerian Droids
  18. Let There Be Light (Compiled by Sensient)
    by Zenon Records
  19. Rezolut - Pulse EP (SMR039)
    by Soundmute recordings
  20. VA Mature Behavior LP (SMR050)
    by Soundmute recordings
  21. Progus - Tech and Roll EP (SMR052)
    by Soundmute recordings
  22. Opsy - New Kind Of Radiation LP (SMRCD03)
    by Soundmute recordings
  23. Myad - Communicate EP (SMR055)
    by Soundmute recordings
  24. Opsy - Remixed Radiation LP (SMR058)
    by Soundmute recordings
  25. [DD009] The Doggy Bag EP
    by Kino Oko
  26. [DD008L] Digital Family - compiled by Alic
    by Various Artists
  27. [DD011] The End Of Everything EP
    by Tapwatr
  28. [DD024L] Deepending
    by Point
  29. [DD016] Proper Language EP
    by Alic
  30. [DD018] Assault EP
    by Brian Burger
  31. [DD015L] Digital Family Vol. 2 - compiled by Alic
    by Various Artists
  32. [DD034] In The Heat Of Delight EP
    by Alic
  33. [DD041X] After 90ies EP
    by Crennwiick
  34. [DD010] Rainsaw EP
    by Knifestyle
  35. [DD033] Higher EP
    by Trilingo And Cosimo
  36. [DD031] First Reflexion EP
    by Crennwiick
  37. [DD013] Knows What You Are Thinking EP
    by David Laake
  38. [DD045X] Old Vicious EP
    by Crennwiick
  39. [DD028] Untitry EP
    by Crennwiick
  40. [DD004] Evil Fairy EP
    by Alic
  41. [DD022] Knabaustelmann EP
    by Frechbax
  42. [DD006] Dirty Things EP
    by Tapwatr
  43. [DD036] Sliders EP
    by Alic
  44. [DD007] Looking Back EP
    by Dan Rotor
  45. [DD037] Little Animals EP
    by Daäna