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  1. We're Not Really Strangers
    by Halflight
  2. Compiler Optimization Techniques
    by The Algorithm
  3. Compiler Optimization Techniques
    by The Algorithm
  4. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
  5. Incensored
    by Waxamilion
  6. Dichotomy
    by Fate Map
  7. Jacrispy
    by Dan James Griffin
    A Night With Jacrispy A Night With Jacrispy
  8. Wistful
    by Kaguu
    Diamond Diamond
    Accordion <3 Love you Niko <3
  9. State of Being
    by Halflight
  10. Bilo 3.0
    by David Maxim Micic
    Daydreamers Daydreamers
  11. EGO
    by David Maxim Micic
    Disorder Disorder
  12. The Stock Challenge | Vol.1
    by David Maxim Micic
  13. Bilo 2.0
    by David Maxim Micic
    Rise and Shine (feat Jakub Zytecki) Rise and Shine (feat Jakub Zytecki)
  14. Bilo
    by David Maxim Micic
    Bilo Pt. I Bilo Pt. I
  15. ECO
    by David Maxim Micic
    500 Seconds Before Sunset 500 Seconds Before Sunset
  16. Divulgence
    by Organized Chaos
    Cinnamon Cinnamon
    Absolutely incredible...
  17. yeah whatever
    by Owane
    Love Juice Love Juice
    bass licc
  18. Foreword
    by Disperse
    Gabriel Gabriel
    Too good!
  19. The Only Constant
    by Ebonivory
  20. Heptaedium VS Cartoon Theory
    by Heptaedium / Cartoon Theory
  21. Planet Geisha
    by Cartoon Theory
    by Cartoon Theory
  23. Honest Oblivion
  24. Hawkridge
    by Kaguu
    Kuma Kuma
  25. 4AM
    by Dan James Griffin
    High Tide High Tide
    Of what I've heard so far, this album has been really resonant with me. Can't wait until I can hear the rest after release.
  26. The Sky Is Not The Limit
    by I Built The Sky
    Aviaticus Aviaticus
    Just pure genius
  27. Feather Bed [EP]
    by Jakub Zytecki
    Feather Bed Feather Bed
    My favourite release of 2017. The lo-fi vibe is PERFECT for me right now. The outro to 'Feather Bed' absolutely slaughtered me.
    I cannot praise you enough for this piece of art. The future is bright.
  28. Leaving Behind
    by killedmyself
  29. Farewells Last Forever
    by killedmyself
  30. Stay Where It's Safest
    by killedmyself
  31. Backyard Cemetery II
    by killedmyself
  32. Odysseys EP
    by Archaeologist
    Vesuvius (feat. Chris Lee) Vesuvius (feat. Chris Lee)
    Badass solo for a badass EP
  33. EP1
    by Evil Day Of Death
    Numbskull Numbskull
    Numbskull is so epic but then again, so is the rest of the EP ;)
  34. Dunno
    by Owane
    Multivitamin Juice Pt. 2 Multivitamin Juice Pt. 2
    Literally took the number one spot on my best albums of 2016 list and I'm only on the first listen.
    Rich and full of Jazz, Electronic and Metal influences.
    Owane is a musical genius and every song he makes resonates well with me.
    Please buy this and make your life greater.
  35. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
    Skyr (feat. Jakub Zytecki) Skyr (feat. Jakub Zytecki)
  36. Pulse
    by Sithu Aye
    Lights! Camera! Explosions! Lights! Camera! Explosions!
  37. Oceania
    by Sithu Aye
    Never knew this existed. Bloody beautiful!
  38. Invent the Universe
    by Sithu Aye
    Grand Unification (feat. David Maxim Micic) Grand Unification (feat. David Maxim Micic)
  39. Cassini
    by Sithu Aye
    Double Helix Double Helix
    The origins of awesome!!
  40. Isles EP
    by Sithu Aye
    Skye Skye
    That Martin guest solo lel
  41. Senpai EP「先輩EP」
    by Sithu Aye
    Senpai, Please Notice Me! (先輩、私に気付いて下さい!) Senpai, Please Notice Me! (先輩、私に気付いて下さい!)
    Weeab trash! Nice
  42. Set Course for Andromeda
    by Sithu Aye
    ...We Actually Made it to Andromeda!!! ...We Actually Made it to Andromeda!!!
    The Mark Holcomb solo destroys me after Sithu's sweet solo

    Aye lmao!!
  43. 26
    by Sithu Aye
    Mandalay Mandalay
    The outro melody on Mandalay is stunning!
  44. I
    by Plini / Sithu Aye
    Moonrise Moonrise
    Plinbo and Sithu <3
  45. Genericist
    by Karhu
    Severance Severance
    Finally I bought this album!! it's a masterpiece!