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  1. De poëzie van vallende sneeuw
    by Zeegang
  2. by Double Echo
  3. Lustful Sacraments
  4. Grabschlöfer (Demo)
    by GOIFER
  5. Ни царя, ни бога
    by Koldovstvo
  6. Satanic Mantras
    by Draug
  7. Ever Old
    by Impium
  8. Dräpt Af Myrens Rå (Demo)
    by Grafskymf
  9. Zornes Heimat (Rough Mix)
    by Odal
  10. Vid Skuggornas Svarta Månsken
    by Daudadagr
    I second Artemus Pender's comment and Swartadauþuz' statement: Fuck Metal music and its caducous scene.

    Only Black Metal is real, transcendental and perennial.
  11. DEATH MANTRA "Death Mantra"
    by Death Mantra
  12. Thrones
  13. Eagle, Quetzal, and Condor (NP-XII)
    by Ixachitlan
  14. Anointed by the Crimson Veil
    by Ceremonial Crypt Desecration
  15. The Chasm
    by Waal
  16. Hämndlystan
    by Grifteskymfning
    This song/sample is too much genius, like a powerful injection of purest BM straight your veins. Only a man really consumed by BM would write such a fiery song. Cannot wait for the new album. Hails to Sir N.!
  17. De Svarta Riterna
    by Bekëth Nexëhmü
  18. Smutsiga sinnen
    by Hädanfärd
  19. Ratnik
    by Strahor
  20. Til Det Bergens Skyggene
    Skog, Natt Og Stjerner Skog, Natt Og Stjerner
    I'm not the biggest dungeon synth follower but I do know this is the best DS album I have ever listened to. Shaped as I really like this genre with real synths and musical skills, avoiding that stupid pretended fantasy/medieval RPG sounds for geeks. This is how DS should be: an unearthly gloomness trance thru a leafy dark forest veiled by entheogens; a dreamy loophole of this fucked up world; amanita muscaria and the grimness Nordic nature turned into music... Pure melancholy.