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  1. Deluge
    by Lubbert Das
    Stone, God's Blood Stone, God's Blood
    Intense and hypnotic black metal with cavernous sonorities that will take you to an antediluvian scenery. Maddening vocals, monolithic riffs and a bass that will burst your chest. Definitely this is the true rawness at its finest.
  2. Der Hatz entronnen
    by Rimruna
    Unrast Unrast
    With this second album Rimruna differ even more from their another project Drengskapur, offering a fresher and more sophisticated act than the first album. No doubt, one of the best black metal releases of 2017.
  3. Rays of Brilliance
    by Solar Temple
    Rays of Brilliance Rays of Brilliance
    Another masterpiece from the Dutch 'Haeresis Noviomagi' scene. Immersive, esoteric and hypnotic short but intense trip. This is the music that Enslaved would make now if they hadn't lost their rawness.
  4. Pendulum
    by Vaultrust
    Steps of Death Steps of Death
    Gloomy atmospheric black metal at its finest. Taking the baton from the most obscure Cascadian bands and Dutch ''Haeresis Noviomagi'' bands like Lubbert Das or Iskandr.
  5. Unaussprechliches Entsetzen
    by Ungesehen
    Grässlich Grässlich
    Hypnotic atmospheric black metal without human vocals since this is the forest majestically chanting the anthems to melancholy.
  6. Sorcerers of the Seven Gods
    by Saritap
    Serpent's Stones Mysteries Serpent's Stones Mysteries
    One of the best black metal demos ever. Simply a genuine ode and worshipping to the true black metal art.
  7. Ons vrije fatum
    by LASTER
    De roes na De roes na
    Clairvoyant, uplifting, avant-garde, atmospheric... A trance trip to dreamscapes.
  8. Syner
    by GRIFT
    Eremiten Esaias Eremiten Esaias
    One of the most elegant metal albums ever made. It carries the listeners to the majestic scandinavian landscapes, scaping them from the modern values and decadent urbanite enviroment.
    Melancholic rural black metal at its finest.