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  1. Oeil - Born Again
    by Asian Shoegaze Compilation Vol. 1
  2. Oeil - Iridescence
    by Asian Shoegaze Compilation Vol. 1
  3. Sometimes
    by Tearjerker
  4. Rise of the Obsidian Interstellar
    by Disasterpeace
    Jump Error Jump Error
  5. Yesterday Was Dramatic – Today Is OK (20th Anniversary Edition)
    by Múm
  6. Kælir Varðhund (Tape)
    by Stafrænn Hákon
  7. Semin EP
    by Say Sue Me
    One Week One Week
  8. Downwell
    by Eirik Suhrke
    Razor girl Razor girl
  9. The Love Market
    by Filmmaker
    Mirror Slave Mirror Slave
  10. curio. volume 2.
    by christ.
    sugarcoated sneck (1997) sugarcoated sneck (1997)
  11. Early Birds
    by Múm
    Gingúrt Gingúrt
  12. Masana Temples
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
    Nazo Nazo Nazo Nazo
    Best album of 2018 imo! (10/10)
  13. House in the Tall Grass
    by Kikagaku Moyo/幾何学模様
    Kogarashi Kogarashi
  14. Pure Mood
    by Ringo Deathstarr
    Guilt Guilt
  15. Say Sue Me - Where We Were Together
    by Say Sue Me
    Old Town Old Town
    Has cute songs and cool ones, nice! (8/10)
  16. アトランティス
    by memorygarden禅
    ブルー ブルー
    ~ ><(((º> Not a fishy tape! (8/10)
  17. curio. volume1.
    by christ.
    slickorish boy 4-track original (1997) slickorish boy 4-track original (1997)
    A pretty good lo-fi album (9/10)
  18. The Ephemeral City
    by The Weathermonger
    An Equal Reaction An Equal Reaction
    Lots of good tunes here! The one that pops up in my head the most after listening to this tape is the track "An Equal Reaction". (9/10)
  19. Naxatras
    by Naxatras
    Waves Waves
    My turntable is working overtime! What a great album! (10/10)
  20. 8
    Psyrcle Psyrcle
    Found and bought the vinyl LP at my local record store, sadly the download code was missing so I just bought it again here! (8/10)
    by SexuaLobster
  22. Ultimate Street Yacht Battle
    by SexuaLobster
    by SexuaLobster
    Vertical Seafood Taco Vertical Seafood Taco
  24. Hiding
    by Tearjerker
    You Can You Can
    Sometimes I like to think the singer is the cat pictured on the album cover :D (8/10)
  25. Some of the songs
    by Sound and Fury
    It‘s all ok It‘s all ok
    The first song is too cute for words (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ (7/10)
  26. Angst
    by Lost in the Fog
    Parachute Parachute
    The Vocaloid version of Parachute led me to this, I like the original that's on this EP a lot more :D (9/10)
  27. Myrtle
    by Oeil
    Myrtle Myrtle
    Every single song on this release is just fine~ (10/10)
  28. Urban Twilight
    by Oeil
    Dracaena sanderiana Dracaena sanderiana
  29. Untitled (Reissue)
    by Cosmic Child
    Girl From Mars Girl From Mars
  30. The Illusion
    by Dream Machine
    Caught In A Trap Caught In A Trap
  31. たんたんたん (tantantan)
    by Mass of the Fermenting Dregs
    I rate this song tententen out of ten ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
  32. Neither/Neither
    by The Black Dog
    Neither/Neither Neither/Neither
  33. Blackbeard
    by Brunt
  34. Brunt
    by Brunt
    St Felix of Nola St Felix of Nola
  35. What Could Go Wrong
    by Red Vox
    Along The Way Along The Way
  36. Nerd Rants: Series 3
    by A Dose of Buckley
  37. don't forget.
    by Slime Girls
    Vacation Wasteland Z Vacation Wasteland Z
    This album and Vacation Wasteland are my 2 favourite Slime Girl albums :D (8/10)
  38. Dropsy
    by Chris Schlarb
    Kierkegaard's Neon Lights Kierkegaard's Neon Lights
  39. How Do You Feel?
    by Dean Garcia
  40. Dark Notes
    by SPC ECO
    Rip It All Home Rip It All Home
  41. Vaporized Forestry Commission
    by Coppice Halifax
  42. SUN FELL album
    Estrella Estrella
  43. Songs From Saturn Valley
    by POLA
    デイドリーム・ネイション デイドリーム・ネイション
  44. YouTube Autopsy
    by A Dose of Buckley
  45. One on Twoism - Volume 6
    by Twoism Records