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  1. Lost Eden
    by Stéphane Picq
    Lost Eden Theme Lost Eden Theme
    This soundtrack is an overlooked gem. Maybe I’m biased. I owned the CD-I game. But the musical work here is exceptional. The best of all three albums.
  2. View-Monster
    by Lemon Demon
  3. Atlantis: The Lost Tales
    by Pierre Estève & Stéphane Picq
  4. Breathes The Beast
    by Populous
  5. Panama Papers
    by R u n n e r s C l u b 9 5
  6. No Sugar Added
    by Runners Club 95
  7. View-Monster
    by Lemon Demon
  8. Problem Attic
    by Nuclear Bubble Wrap
  9. EarthCade
    by R23X
  10. SOUND_TRACK ~ [MP3​]​.​torrent
    by R23X
  11. Stay Passionate, Be Discrete
    by Lipstick Elite
  12. Deep Fantasy
    by S U R F I N G
  13. OST(1).rar
    by R23X
  14. George Clanton & Nick Hexum
    by George Clanton & Nick Hexum
    Crash Pad (LP Version) Crash Pad (LP Version)
  15. OASYS ♁ 博物館
    by 猫 シ Corp.
  16. 나는 다음에 무슨 일이 일어날 지 모른다
    by from tokyo to honolulu
  17. .gold
    by danger.ファルコン.1989
  18. NOBODY HERE: The Story Of Vaporwave
    by Various Artists
  19. Winner
    by Sebastian Gampl
  20. 上海/香港
    by 沙漠鱿鱼