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  1. Nabla I.
    by Vulta
    It Was Underground The Whole Time It Was Underground The Whole Time
    Excellent darksynth album, with fat beats and industrial, hard-hitting melodies.
  2. Downtown lights
    by Vincenzo Salvia
    Nostalgic melodies backed by a solid rhythm that make for synthwave greatness.
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  3. Badass Inc. EP
    by Volkor X
    Welcome To Badass Inc. Welcome To Badass Inc.
    It's a bad-ass album.
  4. Reboot
    by Kn1ght
    Upbeat track with great ambience, magical layers, and a dark droning bass. You'll feel immersed.
  5. Drifting
    by Vector Hold
    Drifting through lighted city streets. Great driving track.
  6. Frozen Code
    by Tonebox
    Sweeps you away into a world of cybernetic robots, and glowing city lights.
  7. Eternal Annihilator
    by Dan Terminus
    Highs and lows, dark undertones and otherworldly melodies make for a great synthwave track.
  8. Delta Protocol
    by Mega Drive
    Engaging melodies, dark ambience and sweet bass lines.
  9. Diode (VIP Mix)
    by Inexedra
    Spacy, industrial, cyberpunk goodness.
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  10. 4th Dimensional Travel
    by Unknown Anomaly
    Superb ambience, and packed with driving beats.
  11. Almaz
    by Daniel Deluxe
    Has a nice industrial feel, gritty bass, and driving kick.
  12. Combat Ready
    by Daniel Deluxe
    Great driving track with heavy bass, and droning ambient melodies.
  13. Automatic
    by The Toxic Avenger
    A dark and gritty track. The mood is like that of a cover-up crime investigation in some unknown cyberpunk film.
  14. Cult
    by The Toxic Avenger
    Deep space ambience, with a driving bass and invigorating synth sounds. 10/10
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  15. Forteresse
    by Double Dragon
    Nice droning, melodic fantasy vision inducing trip.
  16. Invasion
    by SHIKIMO x Turbo Knight
    Surreal dark atmosphere, with a nice industrial feel and great carry mid-track.
  17. Dead End Terminal
    by Misanthropix
    This track puts you in the setting of a "dead end terminal", and does it well. Nice heavy beats, dirty bass, and melodic overtones.