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  1. Hikes & Into It. Over It. Present: Reciprocity
    by Hikes, Into It. Over It.
    Hikes - Crown Shyness Hikes - Crown Shyness
    Gorgeous song, one of hikes finest ever. Nay and claire have the most complimentary voices. Absolutely cant wait to hear the other two tracks
  2. Fractures
    by Blue Beanie
    Fission Fission
    extremely personal and beautifully haunting stuff can't wait for the finished article
  3. James Wombling Free
    by James Tomlinson
    Do I Need to Care? Do I Need to Care?
    (29.01.22) By prematurely purchasing, I have invested in a sonically-idiosyncratic, explorative, ever-evolving project which delves inside the manic psyche of James Tomlinson, and I urge you to invest also. Is it comical frivolity? Is it genius? Who says it can't be both.
    (17.08.22) The album has reached completion after many drastic, earth-shattering alterations. It's been a wild ride but as a shareholder I must say I'm delighted with the outcome- a wise and lucrative investment.
  4. A.M. Overcast - PLUS
    by Choke Artist
    it's been a long 3 years without a.m. overcast
    appears in 1 other collection
    by Alex George
    this man can do no wrong
    elephant is the best song of the year
  6. lowercase god
    by kellen
    bloomer bloomer
    amazing music, ethereal dreampop vocals over chaotic music but it walks the perfect line
  7. Roses Are Red
    by Alex George
    Demdike (Witches of Pendle Will Have Their Revenge) Demdike (Witches of Pendle Will Have Their Revenge)
    demdike should be the pendle college anthem rather than 'P-E-N-D-L-E, pendle is the place to be with a knick-knack paddywhack give a dog a bone, pendle is our fucking home' although that is also incredible
  8. how is it out there?
    by kin
    Celadon Celadon
    really inventive, sick lyrics, great harmonies in places its just an underrated gem so glad i came across it :)))
  9. Michigan
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid) Flint (For the Unemployed and Underpaid)
    flint made me cry
  10. Mahal Kita
    by Hikes
    aurora aurora
    Very cool sound! Similar to the new mylets ep from this year which i also recommend :)
  11. Love Yourself / With My Whole Heart
    by Sufjan Stevens
    Love Yourself Love Yourself
    uplifting catchy pop songs
  12. listen, yeah? trickhouse sampler 2020
    by Trickhouse Recordings
    Prince Caspian Prince Caspian
    what a scene
  13. Grand Beach
    by Grand Beach
    Ea$t $ide Brooklyn Ea$t $ide Brooklyn
    math pop at its finest
  14. Sun Life
    by Cleanup
    Save The Claras Save The Claras
    This has such a unique sound, I love how there's often 2 vocal lines making great harmonies and the guitar performance is exceptional
  15. Familiaris
    by Snooze
    'Tis I! The Good Boy! 'Tis I! The Good Boy!
    the greatest math-metal cyclical dog concept album of all time
  16. Oranges b/w Daniels
    by American Pleasure Club
    Oranges Oranges
    This 7" is very chill and the vinyl looks great!
  17. Patagonian Rats
    by Tera Melos
    Skywatch Skywatch
    mind bending and cool - skywatch is perfect
  18. When the Sea Became a Giant [Remastered]
    by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
    They Will Throw Us to the Wolves They Will Throw Us to the Wolves
    devastating vocals over beautiful clean guitar melodies- an emo masterpiece :)
  19. Two-hundred-second EP
    by Invalids
    Cancellation Protocol Cancellation Protocol
    every note is perfectly placed to create a perfect 200 seconds
  20. False Friends EP
    by Pete Davis
    Everyone Felt Each Other Felt Fine Everyone Felt Each Other Felt Fine
    So unique! Really impressive and moving, Pete is a genius there's not really any denying it