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Luca Anselmi

  1. Calderara Di Reno, Italy
  2. Metal
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  1. High Zephyr Point
    by Drakhian
  2. Evocation Of Light
    by Stortregn
  3. Elements’ Blackest Legacy
    by ShadowThrone
  4. Rattenritual
    by Wallfahrer
  5. Rooted in Despair
    by Krummholz
  6. Moth's Illusion
    by Enisum
  7. Enter The Necropolis
    by Sarastus
  8. Back to Reality
    by Abstract Void
  9. Sommermorgen (Pt. III) - Nostalgia
    by Violet Cold
  10. Emptiness fills The Void
    by Stortregn
  11. Sanctimonious
    by Attic
  12. Conqueror's Oath
    by Visigoth
  13. Anthologie Der Abkehr
    by Wallfahrer
  14. 🍄 Radici
    by Murmur Mori
    La Tomba nel Busento La Tomba nel Busento
  15. 🌷 La morte dell'Unicorno
    by Murmur Mori
  16. Blacklight Inferno
    by The True Endless
  17. Dark Tunnel [DA01]
    by First Aid 4 Souls
  18. Within The Mist of Sorrow
    by VANHA
  19. Three Of Three: Rubedo
    by XP8
    Dancing, Dying, Dreaming Dancing, Dying, Dreaming
  20. Rescue Me
    by Kartagon
  21. Biomechanic
    by Kuroshio
  22. Die Welt erfriert
    by Phasenmensch
  23. mgnovenie
    by r.roo
    hello my reflection hello my reflection
  24. Autumn Stories
    by Fabrizio Paterlini
  25. Baustoff (Popmusik für Rohrleger)
    by P:W (Patenbrigade: Wolff)
    Das Kraftfeld (feat. André Hartung) Das Kraftfeld (feat. André Hartung)
  26. Sonnambula
    by Stendeck
  27. Scintilla
    by Stendeck
  28. Pulse of the Earth
    by Hungry Lucy
    Balloon Girl Balloon Girl
    This album is just exquisite.