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Luca Benedetti

  1. Brooklyn, New York
  2. Jazz
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  1. Two Sides Of A River
    by Lianne Smith
  2. Eight Guitar Duets
    by Nate Radley
  3. Luca Benedetti Trio
    by Luca Benedetti
  4. re: dawn (from far)
    by Jeremy Cunningham Quartet
  5. A Freak Grows in Brooklyn
    by Ryan Scott & The Kind Buds
  6. DICE
    by Adam Rogers DICE
  7. Live At The Village Vanguard
    by Marc Ribot Trio
  8. Kush
    by Ryan Blotnick
  9. The woman at the end of the world (A mulher do fim do mundo)
    by Elza Soares
  10. Slight Freedom
    by Jeff Parker
  11. Saturday Songs
    by Chris Cheek
  12. The New Breed
    by Jeff Parker
  13. Supergenerous & Sao Paulo Slim
    by Kevin Breit
  14. Neurotica
    by James Muller
  15. Really Leaving
    by More Space Echo
  16. Things Moving
    by Stephen Chopek
  17. there were flowers also in hell
    by aram bajakian
  18. Melody In A Dream
    by Steve Cardenas
  19. TronzoTrio-Brass Hand
    by Tronzo Trio
  20. Gonaïve
    by Wolff Parkinson White
  21. Click Track Jazz : Slave to the Machine (Vol.1)
    by Sean Wayland
  22. Adored
    by Ross Hammond Quartet
  23. Revival Trio
    by Ross Hammond
  24. forlorn
    by Wolff Parkinson White
  25. Eat your Ham
    by Flambet Buddhists
  26. Passion Kitty Warfare
    by The Craigness Orchestra
  27. Too Drunk To Truck
    by Roy Sludge