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  1. Summer Breeze
    by Ren
  2. Daybreak
    by Higan Daybreak
  3. melancholy
    by Nocturnal Aura x Misfortune Productions
  4. 東方紅魔旧 ~ the Ancienthood of Scarlet Devil
    by Silent Sinner in Scarlet
  5. Petal Storm (single)
    by Higan Daybreak
  6. 東方beats to relax/study to
    by Nocturnal Aura
  7. 東方 Sound Collection Vol.1
    by Sieudiver
  8. life aftermath
    by Nocturnal Aura
    appears in 1 other collection
  9. Goodnight EP
    by Tsarski
  10. Reflections
    by Higan Daybreak
  11. Beginnings EP
    by Nocturnal Aura
    appears in 1 other collection
  12. Hifuugatari
    by Secret Sealing Club
    Ren - Paradox feat. KISAKI Ren - Paradox feat. KISAKI
    I wholeheartedly love every single track in this album so much!! There has not been one collaboration album where that's been the case for me before, and this album has more than done it!! I wouldn't rather have my first Comiket CD appearance any other way; this album and everyone who worked on it is absolutely amazing and I am so thankful I could participate in it!! ^0^
  13. Absolute Zero: Perfect 9
    by Various Artists
  14. Turn Back (Violet Delta Remix)
    by Mortimer
    by Nocturnal Aura
    by Saga Infinity
  17. Love in the Dark // World Destruction Remixes
    by Various Artists
  18. アリス・マーガトロイドの日2019!
    by Nocturnal Aura & Various Artists
  19. aliento - 气息
    by Yu (P∴Rhythmatiq)
  20. Revelations - 異聞 (162BPM fixed, recommended random playback series original anecdote 1)
    by PHOENIX Project
  21. Delusional Makai: Lotus Land Square
    by Various Artists

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  1. The Best of Capture Self​-​transcendence
    by LTEDTX