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  2. Electronic
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  1. Ebbs & Flows LP (PRSPCTLP019)
    by Dolphin
  2. Rendered Fat EP
    by Somniac One
  3. Cunts Rule Everything Around Me (PRSPCTXTRM051)
    by Dolphin
  4. Doomsday Expanded Redux (3x12" Vinyl)
    by The DJ Producer
    Neglected Intellect Neglected Intellect
  5. Can't Describe It (Finally) / Can't Fuck With Me (PRSPCTXTRM050)
    by The DJ Producer
  6. Stories from the 9th Dimension (Genosha #029)
    by The Outside Agency
  7. The Opposites / More Primitive (One Seven Five #017)
    by The Outside Agency
    by Triple G Recordings
  9. OBLIVION013 - Beats, Bleeps & Breaks EP
    by Deathmachine
  10. Drum Coefficient EP (Genosha #028)
    by Deathmachine
    by Triple G Recordings
  12. Imposter Syndrome EP (Genosha #027)
    by Strange Arrival
  13. Reflections In Reverse EP
    by Adamant Scream
  14. B2B Murda / King Kebab
    by Axe Gabba Murda Mob
  15. The Legacy of Cain / I Saw My Grave (One Seven Five #016)
    by The Outside Agency
  16. X EP
    by Xaturate
    Break Him (ft. Dolphin) Break Him (ft. Dolphin)
  17. Hell On Earth LP
    by The Satan
  18. Peer To Peer Pressure LP
    by Eye-D & Hidden
    Highways Highways
  19. Information Asymmetry LP
    by Dolphin
    Outlier Outlier
    Fucking great album on a beautiful triple vinyl release!! Monofruit island ,Woo ,the unholy two, I cant really pic a favorite and why should i. Love shit like this!!
  20. Sausage of Unity EP (Genosha Basic #005)
    by Ghost in the Machine