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  1. Big Sky
    by For Giants
  2. Big Sky
    by For Giants
  3. There, There
    by For Giants
  4. Maru
    by For Giants
  5. Fires in the Fall
    by Krigsgrav
  6. Loneliness (Winter) Acoustic
    by Wintersun
  7. Mycelium Shroud (extended version)
    by Mycelium Shroud
  8. Innate Passage
    by Elder
  9. Reinventing The Eel
    by Vampire Squid
  10. Green Willow
    by The Dreadnoughts
  11. Ardent Nova
    by Ardent Nova
  12. Weary Traveler
    by Faerie Ring
  13. Air Not Meant For Us
    by Fires in the Distance
  14. Destiny Undone
    by Devils Reef
  15. Artemis' The Endless Journey: North
    by Artemis' The Endless Journey
  16. Pink Elephant Music Vol.1
    by A.J. Kaufmann
  17. DEMO
    by Mycelium Shroud
  18. Queen of the Waves
    by Krigsgrav
  19. The Side Quest
    by Dungeon Crawl & Throne of Iron
  20. Precipice
    by Veilcaste