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  1. Compilation For Foreign Friends
    by Crane's Dreams
    Remember Remember
  2. WARmth
    by Blood of the Black Owl
    The Medicine Within The Medicine Within
    It took much longer than expected to obtain the means to purchase this release, but it was certainly worth the wait.
  3. An Extraconscious Lucidity [Remastered]
    by Mare Cognitum
    Pyre Of Ascendance Pyre Of Ascendance
    I'm very happy to have been able to purchase one of the last three remaining CDs. This is a wonderful release, and I strongly recommend buying up the last few copies (or getting the digital version if they're gone).
  4. Griseus
    by Aquilus
    Nihil Nihil
    Very well-done!
  5. Terra Inanis (Atmospheric Black Metal)
    by SOMNIUM NOX (Australia)
    The Alnwick Apotheosis The Alnwick Apotheosis
    I am very impressed so far! This LP is a significant step up from the band's previous release. I can't wait for my package to arrive!
  6. The Mirror of Deliverance
    by A Dream of Poe
    The Lost King of the Lyre The Lost King of the Lyre
    This album is a classic, a necessity in every doom fan's collection.
  7. Cedar Spirits
    by Cedar Spirits
    Calling Down The Sun Calling Down The Sun
    Simply beautiful! You need this album!
  8. Aletheia
    by Alethes
    We Once Were We Once Were
    I cannot find a single flaw in this album. I knew I had to order it as soon as I found the money. This style of music is very unique, and can be hard to find. I look forward to the next release.
  9. 青木ヶ原 // 樹海
    by SUNN O)))
    青木ヶ原 // 樹海 (Aokigahara // Jukai) 青木ヶ原 // 樹海 (Aokigahara // Jukai)
  10. Melting Sun
    by Lantlôs
    Melting Sun II: Cherry Quartz Melting Sun II: Cherry Quartz
    If I were to attempt to capture the beauty of this album with words, I would never finish writing this review. Listen for yourself. You will not be disappointed!
  11. Raven Eyes Watch! (Demo/EP)
    by Moon Mourning Earth
    Raven Eyes Watch! Raven Eyes Watch!
    I've been looking for something like this for quite a while! I hope to see another release from this band.
  12. They Became the Falling Ash
    by Ethereal Shroud
    Look upon the Light Look upon the Light
  13. Human (Reissue)
    by Death
    Lack Of Comprehension Lack Of Comprehension
  14. An Infinity Emerged
    by A Dream of Poe
    The Isle Of Cinder The Isle Of Cinder
    Melancholy, memorable, beautiful, and unique! I have no complaints about this album. I only wish I'd bought it sooner.
  15. Yūgen
    by Ashbringer
    Lakeside Meditation Lakeside Meditation
  16. Where Sorrow Grows
    by Within the Fall
    Resonance Resonance
  17. Whiskey, Vows, & The Weight Of Age
    by Broken Accent
    In Your Little Box (Live) In Your Little Box (Live)
    I love this album! Every song is a gem. I can't wait to hear more from this band.
  18. At the Edge of Universe
    by String Theory
    Desolation Falls Upon Desolation Falls Upon
    A beautiful, flowing, cohesive work of art!