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  1. When The Weather Clears
    by Songs of Green Pheasant
  2. Passage
    by John Jeffrey
  3. Flowers Of Daybreak
    by Tuluum Shimmering
  4. The Sea Caucus
    by The Sea Caucus
  5. Life Is The Dancer
    by Rob Luft
  6. Stages Of Sleep
    by AKKU Quintet
  7. Volume II
    by SEN3
  8. HHH
    by Heumann Homan Highway
    Really like the psychedelic improvisation on this release. Thanks H&H
  9. Invisible Airships
    by Amgala Temple
  10. Continuum
    by Sons of Alpha Centauri
  11. Ceremony to the Sunset
    by Yawning Sons
  12. The Drop
    by SEN3
    Love the album guys, thanks.
  13. Pond Life
    by Big Bad Wolf
    I bought this album after discovering the guitar of Rob Luft and his solo album. It’s a great album of alternative jazz. Thoroughly recommended for lovers of jazz guitar grooves and rhythms. Must see them live.
  14. Fate Outsmarts Desire
    by Kaprekar's Constant
  15. Jackal in your mind
    by Francis Dunnery
    One of my favourite Dunnery tracks, immense version. Simon from Bolton Lancashire.
  16. Requiem
    by Bevis Frond