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  1. La Roda de la Justícia_Coàgul_MR007_2013
    by Coàgul
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    Astrofàgia Astrofàgia
  2. Slimy Quagmire
    by (T-T)b
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    January 27 January 27
  3. Isla Fiesta
    by Orquesta Paradiso
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    Vaso Con Hielitos Vaso Con Hielitos
    Amazing album to dance your culito off, drink grenadine cocktails and steal your neighbour's Wi-Fi for your fiesta casera! <3 <3 <3 <3
  4. Plastic Flesh & Ferrofluid Blood
    by Sophiaaaahjkl;8901
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    Wild Horses Wild Horses
    One of the most interesting releases of this year! FOR REAL
  5. Bainianling Juhui
    by Efferat
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    Samuraisangen Samuraisangen
  6. !!!
    by Maiqqu
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    Bang Your Head!!! Bang Your Head!!!
  7. wish i was here (or how things went wrong)
    by goreshit
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    how things went wrong how things went wrong
  8. Fetushouse
    by Holy Konni
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    LGPT Masterpiece, Konstantin Löwe creates a new genre here, so go listen! <3
  9. Wish [Extended] (2013)
    by Je Mappelle
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    Venus Venus
    This is one of my ESSENTIAL CHIPTUNE releases of all time. Come on Lewis release more stuff!
  10. nineties rave retrospective volume 1
    by goreshit
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    evilstab! evilstab!
  11. TWG013| Anti-Chiptune Chiptune
    by The Waveform Generators
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    NES CPU Jam Special Vol, Side A (Take 1) NES CPU Jam Special Vol, Side A (Take 1)
    DJ Norton Antivirus is THE BEST
  12. Moe Moe Kyunstep
    by chibi-tech
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    Moe Moe Kyunstep (PART II - キュン -) Moe Moe Kyunstep (PART II - キュン -)
    After watching the live video of this track on youtube, i had to come here and buy it. This "single" is amazing, straight foward NES EDM with pure cuteness brush strokes
  13. YOU & I
    by Whitely
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    At first i was lonely, but then.. At first i was lonely, but then..
    I bought this for the LSDJ pro-tips, and the music is great too! Hello Whitely, i'm famous!
  14. blue girl on sunday
    by goreshit
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    welcome to high life! welcome to high life!
    GORESHIT, he still one of my biggest influences. In this release, he displays new music, new styles, the same great stuff, as always!
  15. semantic compositions on death and its meaning
    by goreshit
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    the nature of dying the nature of dying
    Bought this only to learn more about breaks. Solid release, truly a masterpiece!
  16. Exploding Heart Disease
    by Saskrotch
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    We Could've Had Fun We Could've Had Fun
    I can't get enough Saskrotch! This little EP is cute and lovely.