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  1. Cultivate The Apostate
    by Abysmal Torment
    Amidst Your Scorched Barren Shrine Amidst Your Scorched Barren Shrine
    Punishing death metal from start to finish! No over the top guitar solos here. It's all about the riff. Superb! 🤘🤘🤘🤘
  2. White Noise and Black Metal
    by Craft
    White Noise White Noise
    Great blend of atmospheric BM and black n roll.
  3. Desert Nothern Hell
    by Tsjuder
    Ghoul Ghoul
    Goddamn black and brutal as fuck! They don't let up and they don't disappoint. Even the slow, Mouth of Madness is fierce. Solid album. 🤘🤘🤘🤘
  4. Abbath
    by Abbath
    Winterbane Winterbane
    Finally got around to picking up a copy and I have to say that this is bad ass metal from top to bottom and side to side! Superb! 🤘🤘🤘
  5. Stygian
    by Atramentus
    Stygian III: Perennial Voyage (Across The Perpetual Planes Of Crying Frost & Steel-Eroding Blizzards) Stygian III: Perennial Voyage (Across The Perpetual Planes Of Crying Frost & Steel-Eroding Blizzards)
    Not like any Metal album that I ever heard. It doesn't follow any formula or any typical verse, chorus, bridge structure which makes this album unique. Deep stuff and not for your average listener. A solid A+.🤘🤘🤘
  6. Rituals of Power
    by Misery Index
    They Always Come Back They Always Come Back
    One hell of an album! Brutal. Unrelenting. Unforgiving. Uncompromising. Just the way I like it. 🤘🤘🤘
  7. SPOOK-O-RAMA (double album)
    by Messer Chups
    Can a metalhead enjoy psychobilly and surfer punk? You're goddamn right he can! I love this band and I love this album. It is a fun record. Great to get the party going. Zomberella is one hot zombie chick!
  8. Desolation
    by Khemmis
    Isolation Isolation
    Phenomenal! Everything from the soaring guitar solos and melodies to the vocal delivery makes Desolation the perfect epic Doom album. Absolution was great but this one takes it to the next level.🤘🤘🤘
  9. WhiteWorm Cathedral
    by Necrophagia
    Coffins Coffins
    No one captures the themes and essance of horror quite like Necrophagia. A killer album with killer riffs and contagious grooves. A must for every metalhead's Halloween playlist. R. I. P Killjoy! 🤘🤘🤘
  10. The Horrors of Satan
    The Horrors of Satan The Horrors of Satan
    Oh fuck yes! Horror themed Black Metal! Couldn't ask for more. Love it!
  11. Opulent Decay
    by SPELL
    Saturns Riddle Saturns Riddle
    An amazing record. It harkens back to 1970's prog rock in a way that is not dated but fresh and new. More than once I found myself hypnotized by this album. If you are a fan of Blue Oyster Cult and the Peter Gabriel era of Genisis then you need to check out Opulant Decay by Spell. Destined to be a classic in its own right.
  12. Planetary Clairvoyance
    by Tomb Mold
    Accelerative Phenomenae Accelerative Phenomenae
    Is it Doom Metal? Is it Death Metal? I'd say a little bit of both with the deep throated, crusty growls and the mathematical wizardry of the riffs and percussion. What impressed me the most was the atmosphere the band created on the album, I certainly got a visual with the intergalactic sci fi themes throughout. Good stuff.
  13. AEALO
    by Rotting Christ
    Orders From the Dead Orders From the Dead
    Mesmerizing, haunting and beautiful, Rotting Christ proves once again that you don't have to be cold or evil to be extreme. Some of the tracks made me feel one with the past while other tracks chilled me to the bone. Awesome stuff.
  14. The Burning Dawn
    by Cloak
    Oh hell yeah! I love this. Just the right mixture of Black Metal with the right mixture of Goth Rock to create an atmospheric sound and style that is both sinister and sexy. If anyone still doubts that rock-n-roll is of the Devil, you need to check out Cloak.
  15. Citadel
    by Ne Obliviscaris
    Pyrrhic Pyrrhic
    Magnificently gorgeous! If this album don't bring a tear to your eye when you hear it then you don't have a soul. I am simply floored!
  16. Exhausting Fire
    by Kylesa
    Inward Debate Inward Debate
    Haven't heard anything like this since Loud Love from Soundgarden. Love the fuzz in the bass. Great cover of Paranoid. Slow and dreamy which made the song their own. Excellent!
  17. Devouring Mortality
    by Skeletal Remains
    Cathastrophic Retribution Cathastrophic Retribution
    I first discovered Skeletal Remains by live footage of the band on YouTube was instantly hooked, then heard the full length of Devouring Mortality and all bets were off! Great Death Metal. Brutal. Angry. The total package.
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  19. Realm Of Ash And Blood
    by Solothus
    A Rain Of Ash A Rain Of Ash
    If you want to know how Death-Doom is done then listen to this album! The chaotic landscapes that it paints in your imagination is just a foretaste of the journey you are taken on. I don't know what's in the air over in Finland but man is it some potent stuff. A defenant contender for 2020!
  20. Sol Nox
    by Ofermod
    Sun of Dead Seasons Sun of Dead Seasons
    All I can say is wow! This is not an album you simply listen to, this is an experience. Again I say wow!