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  1. Bowery Electric
    by Bowery Electric
    Next To Nothing Next To Nothing
    i can't believe they made a reprint of this album! A must have shogaze masterpice of the 90's !
    i hope they will also reunite to do a live show of this album. so glad i bought a cd copy that i always wanted. it's been almost 20 years or more since the last time they put a cd copy of it for sale.
  2. Lights In Forgotten Places
    by Karma Voyage
    this is a great shogaze\ new wave album. it have the 80's dark new wave vibe in overall atmosphere. the opening track with the vocals is such a beautiful and unique and so fresh in today's music. i highly recomends this album! also its reminds me alot other band that have a similer musical style "the blue angel lounge" .
  3. Silver Haze
    by SQÜRL
    another album of the musical project of jim jarmusch the cinema artist and his cinamtic sounds that always cover his art house films, need i say more?
  4. Ballads of The Godless
    by 1968
    McQueen McQueen
    fantastic rock band and album, very heavy but with good taste of sounds that keeps the listeners intrested.
  5. The Death Of Gunman And The Holy Ghost
    by Gunman And The Holy Ghost
    there is a bit of a nick cave and the bad seeds vibes on this album and it is actually a good thing for the music of this band. great album. it could be a great soundtrack for a cool indie film about a washed out rock star of the 90's era. it's start with him at the bar singing with cigarttes in his hand, a beautiful girl can't take of her eyes of him, and him stuck in his head...the music still playing and fade out. fade in, him and the women sitting with thier beers and ciggarttes smokes..
  6. Hanford Tape Sessions (Album 2021)
    by Fruits De Mer Records vinyl and CD
    the album is mostly psychedelic folk with expermental sides to it. over all, it is a very intresting musical journey.
  7. Odalisque
    by Church of the Sea
    (A story about) Preparation (A story about) Preparation
    fantastic doomgaze stright out of the viberating greece sence.
  8. The Third Sound of Destruction and Creation
    by The Third Sound
    Meltdown Meltdown
    if you want a very shoegaze album, do yourself a favor and buy yourself a cd copy or vinyl :)
  9. Your night will come (2014)
    by Lovegrenade
    Ambiguous Ambiguous
    a middle east garage band from israel with psychedlic twist!
  10. Afro-Beat Airways - West African Shock Waves - Ghana & Togo 1972-1978 (Analog Africa Nr. 8)
    by Analog Africa
    i'll always have a warm place in my heart for afro funk music.
    this album is a fine collection of groovy afro funk vibes.
    get in tuch with the rhythm of your soul.
  11. Loopholes
    by The Murlocs
    hands down the best garage album of all time ! highly recomended!!!
  12. Lucid Dream Machine
    by Alien Lizard
    alian lizard is always bringing somthing diffrent and new to the table, the atmosphere in this album is way diffrent then the pravious one, but it always a journey of sounds and lyrics that cross to mysticsem and spirtualty. check out this psychedelic band from poland.
  13. One Year
    Year One Year One
    imagine yourself back in the late 80's in a small dark and crowded club,alcohole mixes with black clothes and gothic style, Adolescents that were missunderstood, waves of cigarttes's smoke and music that playing loud and loaded the air with killer bassline groove. a soundtrack for a whole generation! this band is like the best that was in music in that time. great vocals, great lyrics, capture well the punk rock vibe that was in the new dark wave music style of a forggoten era.
  14. Catriona Saw The Sky On Fire
    by Starbelly
    i never buy tracks on bandcamp, but this track is instant favorite ! the track have a great atmospheric shogaze vibe, reminds me of the mid 90's alternative rock with uniqe signture that stuck in your head. hooked from the first lestining!
  15. Spectral Illusion
    by White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
    Sensitive Fate Sensitive Fate
  16. If You Wanna Die Then I Wanna Die 12" LP
    by cosmonauts
    love this album from start to finish! build to grab the listenrs with killer groove. this is the best album of this band it have the punk attitude with garage sounds. if you want a garage party in your ears and imagine yourself going on a distruction trip or getting silly as fuck. take a listen to this album, you will not want to pass on this one
  17. The Constellation
    by Cassieopia
    The New Subconscious feat. Desdamona The New Subconscious feat. Desdamona
    best conscious rap album. a great super group that brings
    a fine mix of spoken word, atmosperic tracks as a bridge tracks building up a story unfolded to the listeners.
    topics of life in the street with deep thughtful spirtual insights. overall its a very uniqe hip hop rap album.
  18. Entangled And Entwined
    by Juleah
    hearing this album for the first time, you might hear tess parks and anton newcomb spirit all over this fantstic album by juleah! highly recomended!!
  19. Longing To Be The Mountain
    by King Buffalo
    Sun Shivers Sun Shivers
    during listening to this album its feels like the tracks arrangement pure purpose is to create a certain vibe and feeling- to let you be the mountain.
    check them out! far out album.
  20. Red Right Return
    by LEMOLO
    i cant say its a pure pop album, it's have a bit of alternative vibe. great singer. great album. it's have a lot of atmosphere that could fill the room and get you in a mood of somthing special is played for you