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  1. Four Riders take Space Mountain
    by Øresund Space Collective
    there is no need of words to explain this great musical space rock collective! just take a listen and have a nice flight out of this earth.
  2. Are You Sure I Was There?
    by The Left Outsides
    Between the Lines Between the Lines
    like entering an indie movie that from the first seconds of the soundtrack you know you gonna get an heartworm film with a cool and sensetive attitude, enough to let you sit back and take a nice walk with the cheracthers, never let you feel that you left outside.
  3. White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
    by White Canyon & The 5th Dimension
    Everything is Light Everything is Light
    this awesome garage band from brazil making great music. the whole album is a psychedelic vibe coloring your mind with the desert atmosphere along with the arragement of the songs to guide you trough the echoing sounds of swalloed voices and disturtions covring with a lot of reverbs. highly recomended.
    by Electric Moon
    another great album by one of my favorite psychedelic band out there!
    stright from the rich neu psy scene of germany. electric moon is the band you want to get to know thier discograhpy especialy if you into kraut rock.
  5. Maneuvers
    by Sasquatch
    Destroyer Destroyer
    Kick ass stoner rock band and album! all the stoner rock fans out there, check them out! highly recomended!
  6. Stole From Yesterday: Recordings 2013-15
    by The Watchmakers
    Kiss The Sun Kiss The Sun
    great psychedelic band !
  7. Hidden Knowledge
    by Lamp of the Universe
    Netherworlds Netherworlds
    another cosmic adventure of one of the great acid space rock musican of new zeeland out there! check out craig willamson's musical project hints that above all this beautiful music well crafted and preformed by one person claims that we probably always not alone when we creating. highly recomended!
  8. Lotus Bleu
    by Whatever Hippie Bitch
    great neu psy album with heavy infulences from the brain johanston masscre. hoping for more to come from this awesome psy band.
  9. Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead
    by Here the Captain speaking, the Captain is dead
    another great psychedelic space rock band. with a comic title of this band name and also the name of their debut album, suggesting that we dont need captin to this trip :)
  10. Keepsake
    by DeadBlondeStars
    chris cornell is raincarnate into the vocals of this amazing band's singer and the band's music. siriously, this is unfucking blieveble ! highly recomended!!!
  11. Ocean
    by Monocluster
    this amazing band from germany, makes great stoner rock ! it's have a bit of nick cave and the bad seeds vibe to there music from the vocal aspect to the songs that are written as a poetry and how the songs delieverd by the singer. which to me add a lot to this band's music. also this is an album concept the songs and the music are well crafted artisticly wise. highly recomended!
  12. Extensions of Reality
    by Bing Satellites
    a musical cinamtic journey into the deap space of our eternal consciousness
  13. Sábana Ghost
    Machine Machine
    the heavy drag taking it with an alternative rock vibe mostly grange and a bit of garage psy keep a good balance between this fusion.
  14. Rocket Science
    by KIND
    all this album is a flshback to the mid 90's when grunge and stoner rock rules and bill and ted or wyen and garth was not worthy in the presnce of rock legends! this album approve if you will booked them they'll come.
    thats how this album rocks and rolls. catch my drift ? take a listen and have a blast like the 90's never left!
  15. Kozmik Koon
    by Zone Six
    another musical adventure with zone six, like another dinemision opens with the progression of this album.
  16. Organic Earthly Flotation
    by Øresund Space Collective
    another cosmic musical epic trip by this amazing collective from denmark and sweeden. spacy, dreamy and feel like a journy into the unknown.
  17. II
    by Föllakzoid
    a powerful cosmic musical trip from start to finish.
    part 2 of a four chapters musical oddessy. captiveting the listeners from the first seconds.
  18. The Space Spectrum
    by The Space Spectrum
    this band know how to make you feel in a cosmic trip,
    you just press "play" :)
  19. Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
    by Sisters of Your Sunshine Vapor
    Lord Is My Gun Lord Is My Gun
    great garge music and band !
  20. Visions For The Celestial
    by Datura
    Magnetise Magnetise
    check out this great classic stoner rock band from the end of the 90's era. small discograhpy but lots of fun and impact on the listeners. take a glimpse back to sweet 90's sounds and have a blast!
    highly recomended!