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  1. Musick to Play in the Dark Vol 2
    by Coil
  2. Discount Sacrifice At The Altar Of Bargains
    by BBJR + SLW
  3. Tranquility of the Infinite
    by Boundless Relaxation
  4. True Opera
    by Moor Jewelry
  5. Let's Build A Logjam EP
    by SLW cc Watt
  6. "Dropping Splinter into Baby's Palm" b/w "Buddy's Room"
    by The Savage Young Taterbug
  7. Saturday's Den
    by Ignatz & De Stervende Honden
  8. Nobody Knows All The Bad Shit I Done
    by Kickass Tarantulas
  9. Forever Rages-EP + 10 More Songs
    by Samuel Locke Ward
  10. A Dream Favors Incompleteness
    by German Army
  11. Anciente
    by x.y.r.
  12. Endless Suburb
    by German Army
  13. Chiral
    by Kris & Tavi
  14. La Luz
    by La Luz
  15. jazz menu
    by Alex Body
  16. All-Turd State
    by Thuh Chocolate Hogboys
  17. Iowa Fakebook
    by Samuel Locke Ward
  18. Brace Up!
    by Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt
  19. Enter the Shining Realm
    by The Shining Realm
  20. Love's Secret Domain (30th-anniversary edition)
    by Coil