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  1. Fearful Void Series
    by Lost Tribe Sound
    The culmination of a lot of tireless and fruitful work by so many wonderful musicians and visual artists, that have come together to make something lasting. Join and you will not regret it, 15 full-length albums from likes of William Ryan Fritch, From the Mouth of the Sun, Yadayn, Microwolf, Vieo Abiungo, Mt Went (aka Seabuckthorn & Dave Anderson) and many more. Built Upon a Fearful Void, carve that on my tombstone if need be.
  2. Other Other
    by Seabuckthorn
    Cartwright really spills some blood with Other Other. With little more than a bow and guitar, twisted hymns of heartache, triumph and comfort pour forth. It's music that balances precariously on a razor's edge, become lopsided and you'll surely stumble into the gray. It's a continuously evolving sort of music, that never quite sounds the same with each listen. Emotionally speaking, this may be Cartwright's most confident use of these techniques yet. Get this!
  3. Yaw
    by Givan Lötz
    Givan's guitar work hangs heavy on the body like the gnarled bark of a giant oak. It's incredibly tactile and rich, you can almost make out the shape of each note hovering in the air. This is the first time I've heard him go for an all instrumental approach, and it's magic. Hard to place, recalls Takeshi Nishimoto, The Phonometrician and early Alvarius B.
  4. The Loneliness of the Deep Sea Diver
  5. My Cauliflower Ears
    by Microwolf
  6. Cantus, Descant
    by Sarah Davachi
  7. Marhaba
    by Maalem Mahmoud Guinia, James Holden, Floating Points
    Happy to finally own this album on Bandcamp. Not going to mince words here, this album is SOLID GOLD!!!
  8. The Letdown
    by William Ryan Fritch
  9. My Cauliflower Ears (Instrumentals)
    by Microwolf
  10. The Log and the Leeway
    by Kaboom Karavan
  11. Snarling
    by Givan Lötz
    So much happening during the course of Snarling, and this is just the abridged version of a 4 album body of work. Floats between this sort of dreamy rock ballad style reminiscent of the late 80's/early 90's. Every now and again tipping its hat to more grunge era arrangements. Givan's vocals are dark but so welcoming at the same time. Some of the vocal delivery and instrumentation remind me of Benoit Pioulard and Timber Timbre. It's unique, intelligent, and interesting to say the least.
  12. Maw
    by Givan Lötz
    Maw took me a bit longer to connect with than other Lötz albums. It still has that rich, mysterious, dreamlike thing going for it. On some level, I connect with Lötz sound because it reminds me a lot of William Ryan Fritch and Matt Elliot. His deep vocal delivery and wide variety of obscure instrumentation just speak to me. While Maw maybe his most challenging songwriting yet, I like albums that make you work for their affection.
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  13. (The Power Of) The Will Of Man
    by ZekeUltra
  14. The Paralian
    by Andrew Wasylyk
  15. Themes For Buildings And Spaces
    by Andrew Wasylyk
  16. Short Walk With Olaf
    by Kaboom Karavan
    Fumbling, esoteric grooves of the highest order. Only a few artists out there in the vein of Kaboom Karavan that get me as excited, maybe Cummi Flu, Ari Balouzian and Vieo Abiungo, if I had to name names.
  17. Barra Barra
    by Kaboom Karavan
    You had me at low guttural moaning over exotic flutes. Add in the junkyard percussion and echoed out oud-like strings, and it's pretty much my favorite kind of sound. I will say, if you're just thumbing through this music, it's not going to have an impact. Take a listen, when you're ready to commit from start to finish.
  18. Hokus Fokus
    by Kaboom Karavan
    Kaboom Karavan builds worlds unlike much else out there. Hokus Fokus may be the result of throwing a little Tom Waits, Moondog, with a dash of the Caretaker in the frying pan and seeing what comes of it. Obscure jazz-encrusted morsels tenderized by ramshackle percussion, heavily peppered with one and two string melodies, this blackened beast is ready for the carnival.
  19. Still No Mother
    by Logan Farmer
    So excited to hear this album! Some may know Farmer from his time under the Mtn Monarch name. Happy to see Western Vinyl has picked up on what a talent this guy is.
  20. Max In The World - Drums Of The East River
    by Bliss Point
    Drums Of The East River 1 Drums Of The East River 1
    So addicted to this cascading, waterfall approach to drumming. The cyclical nature, helps my mind fall into the right rhythm. Love that Bliss Point keeps this feeling organic, yet still makes it feel seamless. In the realm of Pontiac Streator's '180's Choice,' Giraffe, or even some Rainforest Spiritual Enslavement.