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  1. Monoliths
    by The Narrative
  2. Inner Demons
    by Megan McDuffee
  3. B-Sides and Seasides
    by The Narrative
    Make It Right Make It Right
  4. Please (Say You Never Will)
    by Kotomi
  5. Fell Off The Deep End
    by Neaux
    High Hopes High Hopes
  6. Disappear
    by Bad Daughter
  7. Endless Heartbreak Demo
    by Bad Daughter
  8. Im too much
    by Bad Daughter
  9. Fucking Depressed
    by Bad Daughter
  10. Chain Up the Sun
    by Neaux
    Cling Cling
  11. Golden Silence
    by The Narrative
    Already Changed Already Changed
  12. Come Back Down
    by Insomniac
    Tiny Rick!! Tiny Rick!!
  13. Illusion (Matt Lange Remix)
    by VERSA
  14. Wanderlust (Cardiknox Remix)
    by VERSA
  15. Neon EP
    by VERSA
    Neon Neon
  16. Committed to the Crime
    by Chaos Chaos
    Do You Feel It? Do You Feel It?
  17. No One Has To Die - OST
    by F-777
    Bizzare Readings Bizzare Readings
    As much as I love the game itself, the soundtrack improves the experience so drastically! It adds a lot of the emotion needed to feel moved by the story. Each track is beautiful.
  18. Zelda: Ocarina of Time With Lyrics (feat. brentalfloss)
    by DemonTomatoDave
  19. STDs: Gotta Catch 'Em All!
    by Brentalfloss
  20. Luigi's Mansion With Lyrics (YT)
    by Brentalfloss