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  1. SAT367: In The Fire - Test Of The Pendulum Blade (2024)
    by Satanath Records
  2. Promo 2018 [EP]
    by Towering
  3. Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part I. Enlightenment from Beyond [Album]
    by Abyssal Ascendant
  4. La Grande Guerre de L'Epice [Album]
    by Nephren-Ka
  5. From Agony To Transcendence [Album]
    by Nephren-Ka
  6. End of Games [EP]
    by Supreme Void
  7. Misgivings [Album]
    by Misgivings
  8. Onward To Apocalypse [Album]
    by Creeping Fear
  9. Unholy Chapters (The Merciless Years) [Compilation]
    by Mercyless
  10. Hategod Triumph [Album]
    by Creeping Fear
  11. Obscuring Manifestation [Album]
    by Towering
  12. Chronicles of the Doomed Worlds - Part II. Deacons of Abhorrence [Album]
    by Abyssal Ascendant
  13. Omega Disciples [Album]
    by Slave One
  14. Disclosed Dioptric Principles [Album]
    by Slave One
  15. Last Rites | Dire Omens
    by Ulvik
  16. The Path of Perdition
    by Vástígr
  17. Vltra (MMXXIV)
    by Spite Extreme Wing
  18. The Estranged: S/T LP
    by sabotagerecords
  19. Fake Meets Failure
    by Red Dons
  20. Death to Idealism
    by Red Dons