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Ramiro Gonzalez

  1. Littleton, Colorado
  2. Experimental
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  1. Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
    by PRAXIS
  2. The Egg That Never Opened (Deluxe Edition)
    by High Castle Teleorkestra
  3. Lesser Angel Of Failure 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition
    by John Schuller
    Ripe Fruit Now (Live) Ripe Fruit Now (Live)
    I am only choosing this one because I have to. The whole album is great and the bonus tracks and live performances just add more context to the story.
  4. Cactides
    by Titan to Tachyons
    Morphing Machineminds Morphing Machineminds
  5. Moss Grew on the Swords and Plowshares Alike
    by Kayo Dot
    Void in Virgo (The Nature of Sacrifice) Void in Virgo (The Nature of Sacrifice)
  6. VAXED HEAD - My Pfizer Nurse
    by Faxed Head
  7. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
    Sudden Death (Live) Sudden Death (Live)
  8. The Night They Came Home
    by Mr. Bungle
    Sudden Death (Live) Sudden Death (Live)
  9. USA
    by Mr. Bungle
  10. Hardships on the Loose Coast
    by James Goode
  11. RMX / RMSTR / RDUX
    by Torrential Downpour
  12. The Phaneron
    by Torrential Downpour
  13. Connected Through
    by Torrential Downpour
  14. Truth Knowledge Vision
    by Torrential Downpour
  15. Danse Macabre Superdeluxe
    by Secret Chiefs 3
    by Secret Chiefs 3
    by Secret Chiefs 3
    Bereshith Bereshith
  18. [UR] Personnae: Halloween EP
    by Secret Chiefs 3: UR
  19. Chirality
    by Eyvind Kang (IDA 037.CD | IDA 037.LP – 2019)
  20. Deer Pink
    by Zvi
    Dear Pink Dear Pink