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Richy Hambone, Lord of the Unknown

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  1. Church of Dagon
    by Thaw
  2. The Electric Dunes of Titan
    by Motherslug
  3. Burning the Midnight Spoils
  4. Forgotten Ancestors
  5. Primordial Soup
    by OLMEG
  6. Prior To The Fire
    by Priestess
  7. Doorways of Time
  8. Everything Black Everything Dead
    by Black Jesus
  9. Black Jesus Saves
    by Black Jesus
  10. Malevolence Rising
    by Black Jesus
  11. Fallen Idols
    by LORD
  12. Summoning
    by Desecrator
    Wipe The Slate Wipe The Slate
    This is peak Desecrator. This and Belly of the Beast from the same album. A savage metal band that, when they let their guard down and play from the heart, are proper heavy beyond tone, structure, and style. To quote Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, this album is rife with 'Emotional Content'.
  13. To The Gallows
    by Desecrator
  14. Reap As We Have Sown
    by Requiem
  15. Shatter Brain x Requiem Split
    by Shatter Brain x Requiem
  16. Hell is Full
    by Bog Mönster
  17. Fading Cinders
    by Fall and Resist
  18. Enlightened In Eternity
    by Spirit Adrift
  19. Into the Empty
    by Lamassu
  20. Outstrider
    by Abbath