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  1. Gloire Éternelle
    by First Fragment
  2. Bleed the Future
    by Archspire
  3. Vile Genesis
    by Inferi
  4. A Monument to Silence
    by Alustrium
  5. Cannibalistic Decimation
    by Deprecation
  6. A Hill to Die Upon
    by Mental Cruelty
  7. Loss
    by Osiah
  8. In the Wake Ov Sòl
    by Worm Shepherd
  9. Medeiros
    by Slaughter for the Daddy
  10. Aura of Iniquity
    by Dead World Reclamation
  11. Prodigy of the Grotesque
    by Goreworm
  12. Nightmare Withdrawals
    by Blindfolded and Led to the Woods
  13. The First Shining of New Genus
    by Insect Inside
  14. Necrolatry
    by Darker By Design
  15. DEVOURED BY THE ABYSS - Omnipotence
    by Devoured By The Abyss
  16. Lifeblood
    by Brand of Sacrifice
  17. ABOMINABLE PUTRIDITY - Parasitic Metamorphosis Manifestation
    by Abominable Putridity
  18. Amidst Voices that Echo in Stone
    by Ominous Ruin
  19. Epitaph
    by Necrophagist
  20. Sun Eater
    by Job for a Cowboy