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  1. The Whispering Of The World / Live From The Quiet Room
    by Tiger Moth Tales
  2. Ballhaus Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  3. Icicled Drone Session
    by Thorsten Quaeschning
  4. Isolated Passages Two
    by Brendan Pollard
    by Mac of BIOnighT
  6. A Red Winter Night's Dream
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  7. Emotions Revealed
    by Steve Roach
    by Steve Roach
  9. In This Style
    by Automatic Shoes
  10. Future City
    by Sayer
  11. A Different Side of Normal
    by Sayer
  12. Live At Cafe Desmet 2006
    by Edward Ka-Spel & The Silverman
  13. Permission To Leave The Temple
    by Edward Ka-Spel
  14. Official Bootleg Live 2012 (Free Download)
    by The Crimson ProjeKCt
  15. Splendor Solis
    by Villein
  16. Behind Closed Doors 2
    by Thorsten Quaeschning, Markus Reuter, Shawn Crowder
  17. Terra
    by Sayer
  18. Oceans
    by Sayer
  19. THORSTEN QUAESCHNING behind closed doors with​.​.​.​ FREDDY HAU
    by Thorsten Quaeschning, Freddy Hau
  20. MUSHROOM CLOUDS (The Tear Garden Anthology Part 1 - The 80s)
    by Legendary Pink Dots