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Tom A

  1. Greenville, South Carolina
  2. Punk
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  1. b0nx
    by Miles Paralysis
    Honey Blocks Honey Blocks
    So fun it hurts. The musical decision-making here is unrivaled. Be proud and keep soaring.
  2. Grande Canyon
    by Grande Canyon
    Operation Rolling Rock Operation Rolling Rock
    So silly and yet so refined.
  3. Sport
    by Medoed.
    The Solid Reason The Solid Reason
    Flaming hot fun served over a bed of the genre’s finest noodles. This record is poppin the heck off on the bandcamp emo tag.
  4. Super Enthusiast
    by Macseal
  5. sort by price: low to high af
    by dab genes
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  6. Earthworm
    by Ditz
    Hooky Hooky
    Love y’all. That’s all.

    Edit: I was too tired to listen last night, but this is outrageously fun and impressive. Can’t thank y’all enough. Cemented in my playlists from the get-go.
  7. SIM EARTH™ ultra気候 & 「AFTER HOURS」
    by 「newtype」
    [a] WEATHERCHANNEL™ expansion pack 拡大 [a] WEATHERCHANNEL™ expansion pack 拡大
  8. the big one
    by dab genes
    Catch dab genes straight stuntin on the emo bandcamp tag and still get no respect.
  9. Business Travel Forecast
    by Alternate Skies
  10. 24 Hour Forecast
    by Alternate Skies
  11. ボード
  12. (probably) worth it
    by celebration guns
    worth it worth it
    This LP was certainly “worth it.”

    ‘I think it doesn't get better than this
    and I hope I never take it for granted.’
  13. MTNZ
    by Lions
    Stuck in Our Small Town Stuck in Our Small Town
    Time spent spending time recommending Lions to everyone.
  14. Divine Beats
    by Wizard of Loneliness
  15. I'd Have Money If I Didn't Spend it All
    by Tall Ships Set Sail
    Evolution of a Cat Lady Evolution of a Cat Lady
    Hot dang, what a bangout job y’all did. Whoever reads this comment, let it be known that you owe it to yourselves to listen to this superfine emo.
  16. standards
    by standards
    shmoonie shmoonie
    Cute math
  17. Zeldawave // 近藤 浩治 // OOT
    by Polygon Dream
  18. What Not to Do
    by Perspective, a lovely hand to hold
    Expressions Expressions
    Parked cars on the interstate.
  19. Drunk @ Brunch
    by steve.
    Long Island Iced Tea Long Island Iced Tea
  20. Sky Lake
    by It Looks Sad.
    Drool Drool
    Y’all are so clever cool for naming it Sky Lake.