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  1. almnc
    by almnc
    N8 N8
  2. Mountain Rock (2017 reissue)
    by Dear Nora
    The Lonesome Border, Pt 1 The Lonesome Border, Pt 1
  3. judas hung himself in america
    by mathew lee cothran
    america forever america forever
  4. Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin'
    by Elvis Depressedly
    Angel Cum Clean Angel Cum Clean
  5. gold star
    by i know who you are and you are nothing
    haircut (for mom) haircut (for mom)
  6. 2015
    by cat be damned
    dial-a-prayer dial-a-prayer
  7. Verisune
    by Brittle Brian
    EV Human EV Human
  8. LSD and the Search for God
    by LSD and the Search for God
    this time this time
    really glad i was able to put this out on tape. totally classic EP.
  9. It's Happening
    by Present Electric
    Side A Side A
    this is what san francisco sounds like summed up in one great little album.
  10. Songs From My Parents Basement
    by Wholewheat
    Can You Divide Me Into You? Can You Divide Me Into You?
    a strange and mysteriously incredible release. sounds like that one friend that doesn't get out enough but is secretly a genius and will spill his ideas on you if you just ask him enough.
  11. Beach Music
    by (Sandy) Alex G
    Bug Bug
  12. Borderline
    by Duchess
    There Is No Death There Is No Death
    spitting biting loving death rains on us forever
  13. The City of Seven Hills
    by Nick Keeling
    Mount Adams Mount Adams
    warbled piano accompanies warped field recordings of the artist's much-beloved hometown. has an urgent sense of familiarity to it that i couldn't shake off, so i bought the tape immediately. you should too.
  14. New Alhambra
    by Elvis Depressedly
    New Heaven, New Earth New Heaven, New Earth
    a perfect 20 minutes of outstanding production and immaculate hooks. i sometimes wish it wasn't so bite-sized, but then i just turn the record over. wonderful album.
  15. 27
    by Tapes & Tubes
    Salad Days Salad Days
    dilutes the essence of phil elverum and yo la tengo into one gorgeous little melting pot fueled by analog warmth. perfect morning music.
  16. Live @ WVFS 89.7 (6/30/2014)
    by Duchess
    Joy Joy
    a live album full of wonderful conversations and even better songs.
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  17. low hum
    by joplin rice
    perfect coils perfect coils
    this is joplin's arrival. no wasted time, nothing but solid performances, arrangements, and songs. this is undoubtedly the music he ought to be making, all instrumental warmth and blistering lyrical intensity.
    by AMULETS
    super cool dark ambient stuff with incredible packaging. hugely recommended as a physical art piece.
  19. RULES
    by (Sandy) Alex G
    Mis Mis
    this odd little record balances darker tracks with moments of emotional honesty effortlessly. alex at his most breezy, though that hardly suggests there's any less going on beneath the surface. if anything, it's quite the opposite.
  20. TRICK
    by (Sandy) Alex G
    Forever Forever
    it took me a long time to understand this album on its own terms. one day the plaintive and frightened vignettes sank in and hooked me. paints a vivid realist portrait of dependence with moments of unexpected ugliness and sheer beauty.
  21. Blue Suicide
    by Coma Cinema
    Eva Angelina Eva Angelina
    filled to the brim with sound and craziness, a record that's both hilariously charming and jaw-droppingly gorgeous at points. perfectly arranged and deranged, one of my favorite records ever.
  22. Winter Clothes
    by The National Park Service
    Regards to the Meteorologist Regards to the Meteorologist
    another solid release from TNPS. relies a bit more on crusty dissonance than the other records, maintains a cozy and textured vibe for the most part.
  23. I Was Flying
    by The National Park Service
    Stormwatchers Stormwatchers
    listened to this tape as i drove home in a crazy thunderstorm on halloween night, my car nearly shot off the road as these gorgeous loops comforted me from my walkman. perfect anti-anxiety music.
  24. Danny, We Love You
    by Black Santa
    Tuna Salad Tuna Salad
    fuckin classic.
  25. Congratulations, You've Won
    by Snowfall Tapes
    O003 - 77 O003 - 77
  26. Gazebo
    by Sharks' Teeth
    Living Off Living Off
    dark, dejected, anti-christian synth tunes. maintaining a sense of otherworldly beauty across the board, with gorgeous synths pads and arpeggiators making their way across the stereo field in a hazed-out, cassette-recorded fashion. this record is currently blowing me away. makes me wanna buy a portastudio and an old casio.
  27. Tiger Town
    by Dr. DeVito
    Doki Doki Doki Doki
    these guys are super chill and fun with a vaguely hispanic beach kinda feel. baked tunes ready for any consumer.
  28. River of Blood (Demos)
    by Little Kid
    an awesome little cassette. reduces the already great river of blood record to tape hiss and distortion. possibly better than the released version.
  29. Laffy Demons
    by EBP
    Throughthetrees Throughthetrees
    interesting and oddly compelling guitar-based weirdness released seven years ago. for fans of sung tongs-era animal collective and unconventional structures. dude's really nice too, so he's got that going for him. recommended.
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  30. Posthumous Release
    by Coma Cinema
    Satan Made a Mansion Satan Made a Mansion
    one of my favorite albums. darker, more insular than blue suicide, a short but compelling group of songs that hurt to sing along to, though it's absolutely irresistible.