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  1. The Pearl of Ever Changing Shell
    by Isildurs Bane & Jinian Wilde
  2. Reimagining The Court Of The Crimson King
    by Various Artists
  3. Hox
    by Black Market Brass
  4. Round Square of The Triangle
    by Art of Illusion
  5. 11 Nights
    by Plini
  6. EZRA
    by EZRA
  7. Last Call
    by Helmet of Gnats
  8. Nathan Deacon's Other Brain
    by Helmet of Gnats
  9. The Liminality Of Her
    by Amanda Whiting
  10. One Word That Means The World (Arkhipov)
    by Hats Off Gentlemen It's Adequate
  11. ZePTO
    by NeBeLNeST
  12. Oceans of Every Body
    by Bloodwood
  13. Śaraṇaṃ
    by Hashshashin
  14. Work
    by Elephant Gym
  15. Underwater
    by Elephant Gym
  16. Dreams
    by Elephant Gym
  17. World
    by Elephant Gym
  18. The Law Of Augmenting Returns
    by The Omnific
  19. Matter
    by BaK
  20. Sagarmatha
    by Brekky Boy