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  1. perfect albums don't exi-
    by Coshma Lynn & teh Burytails
    No More Fur (Feathercollarbone Mix) No More Fur (Feathercollarbone Mix)
    It's... No, it's nothing... You just seem so happy, with your ordinary music. I wouldn't want to ruin that by introducing you to Malin.
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  2. The Shining Trapezohedron
    by Ygolonac
    Lord of the Worms Lord of the Worms
    Ditch the hi-fi setup—this one will sound better on a worn headset plundered from within the walls of a long-neglected tenement. Black metal to get Yog-Sothoth's tentacles tapping.
  3. Center Of The Maze
    by Comet Control
    Sick In Space Sick In Space
    There's some great spacy prog in here, particularly the almost-bouncy drum work. But Sick In Space is something else—a massive buildup that completely transcends the genre. Incredibly powerful.
  4. purgatory
    by d0br0
    breath breath
    I really have no idea why I like this so much. It has the same spacey melodies, big synth pads, and repetitive samples as all the other *-wave bands working to bring the most boring bits of post-rock to the electronic genre. I guess it's got good... chords?
  5. Nucleus
    by Vaulting
    behind behind
    If you like ethereal, creepy interludes and spastic grind-death, then I still have no way of predicting whether you'll like this album, but it's made of those things is the thing I'm trying to say.
  6. clara altantsegtseg
    by [bleu]
    qu'il aurait fallu étouffer au coït... qu'il aurait fallu étouffer au coït...
    Among the nearly forty musicians listed is one guy credited with "ondes martenots", plural. What else do you need to know?
  7. Rain Gates
    by Dessiderium
    The Earthworm's Eye View The Earthworm's Eye View
    Blackened melodic metalcore or whatever. ANYWAY, the last time anyone put together a collection of ten-minute songs this well-written and dynamic was Opeth's Morningrise.
  8. Ebu Gogo Gutting the Child
    by Neoandertals
    Diet of Worms Diet of Worms
    A remarkable specimen. With access to only the most primitive and brutal of instruments, drums and the electric bass, these early hominids managed to create a vivid depiction of life and death before the written word.
  9. After Science
    by After Malin
    I was hardwired to your mouth I was hardwired to your mouth
    For use late at night.
  10. Palm Of The Sun
    by The Eye Unclouded
    Palm Of The Sun Palm Of The Sun
    The Eye Unclouded makes walls of psychedelic sound that stretch across galaxies and fifteen-minute tracks with ease. There are some great definitely-not-riffs-or-melodies-of-chord-progressions-but-kind-of-like-those in this one.
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  11. The Heliacal Risings of Sirius
    by Inna Pivars & The Histriones
    The Heliacal Risings of Sirius The Heliacal Risings of Sirius
  12. S T R A T A
    by Graham Costello's STRATA
    _'28 _'28
  13. Based on Need
    Basket of Doom Basket of Doom
    Welcome to the psych ward. The walls here are painted with an especially heavy and filthy shade of sludge, so that your creepy nurse, Nee, may more effectively regale you with stories of government conspiracy and petty revenge. We've also taken the liberty of wiring this kick drum directly to your sternum. You'll enjoy it.
  14. Invisible Desert
    by tim pledger
    The Specials Board: Rex Johnson's Underwear Store The Specials Board: Rex Johnson's Underwear Store
  15. Morning Cluster
    by East Rodeo
    Ballad Of LC Ballad Of LC
    Fearless experimentation combines paradoxically with careful attention to detail. The mood is a modernist despair stolen shamelessly from Radiohead.
  16. Battleships EP
    by Battleships
    A Summer Serenade (Heartbeats) A Summer Serenade (Heartbeats)
    Not a fan of the sloppy screamo vocals, but there's some outstanding math-something running under them. The section at 4:30 on A Summer Serenade alone beats most bands' entire discographies.
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  17. Rose Crown
    by Silence and Secrecy
    So many layers, but the mix sounds so empty... Such nice melodies, but my soul feels so empty...
  18. Atterkop
    by Atterkop
    C.D.G C.D.G
    Ska-punk is exactly what it sounds like: skanky guitar lines alternate with overdriven riffs with throaty Jamaican-inspired shouts on top. Tons of energy from the drums and some great bouncy basslines round out the picture.
  19. Demó
    by Ónefnt
    Ónefnt I Ónefnt I
    Sounds like Jesu with about eight extra rows of teeth. "Atmosphere" doesn't do the destruction here justice, not to mention the outstanding riffs.
  20. Kings & Queens
    by Eddie Moore and the Outer Circle
    Time's A Wastin' Time's A Wastin'
    Chilling with a Fender-Rhodes and some epic chord sheets has never been so cool.
  21. Threshold
    by memoryLick
    Sand Bridges (feat. Hatsune Miku) Sand Bridges (feat. Hatsune Miku)
    Synthpop/house with vocaloid. It also comes without the vocals for those not prepared to take a dive into the uncanny valley.
  22. Jachna/Mazurkiewicz/Buhl - Dźwięki Ukryte (Instant Classic 2016)
    by Jachna/Buhl
    Nie wiem, myślę Nie wiem, myślę
    Improvised music that ranges from minimal electronics to free jazz. There's a subdued exuberance here that keeps my interest despite the spare arrangement.
  23. Empty Set
    by Brain F≠
    Empty Set Empty Set
    I estimate 220 beats a minute, 300 words a minute, and 86 riffs a minute, for a total of 19 minutes. You guessed it, it's hardcore! Catchy, too.
  24. (Re)construction (I)
    by Alexeï Kawolski
    Ogr 2 Ogr 2
    If it weren't for the unnatural precision and cleanliness, I might think this album was produced by throwing things at a garbage can with a microphone inside. Was the forecast for electronic music or golf-ball-sized hail?
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  25. Remote Connection [2016]
    by 52 Commercial Road
    Cordyceps Cordyceps
    How can something that spends so much time standing still sound so adventurous?
  26. To The Silver Satellite
    by Corvid Canine
    Chapter 5 - The Tree Chapter 5 - The Tree
    Ignore the grindcore and brutal death trappings. This is an incredible work of depressive black metal, with an effect to rival Ulver's Bergtatt.
  27. Joyride (relay 014)
    by Marc Riordan / piano & Tim Daisy / drums
    Rules Of The Roll (For Conlon Nancarrow) Rules Of The Roll (For Conlon Nancarrow)
    Free jazz. Marc's piano is light, fast, and unpredictable. Tim manages to keep up with him, which is a lot more impressive than it sounds.
  28. Blue Thirteen
    by Threes And Will & Huerequeque
    Amudarja (ver 1) Amudarja (ver 1)
    Layer psychedelic over noise rock over drone. Repeat.
  29. Ravenous Solemnity
    Storming The Sloan Wall Storming The Sloan Wall
    So this is what it sounds like when you put Mitochondrion in a meat grinder. Yes, in space. Where else?
  30. Orbital
    by stonefromthesky
    Interstellar Interstellar
    Glitch with a side of sludge, and it seems to take place a bit closer to the center of the Milky Way than we earthlings are accustomed to.
  31. Moth / Butterfly
    by The Spookfish
    Division Division
    Woozy synths and fuzzy drum samples tell a story that may well be about two ordinary insects. Frustratingly hit-or-miss, but there are a lot of good tracks here.
  32. Capture Of Ziz
    by Qualeaceans
    In The Cavern Of The Flightless In The Cavern Of The Flightless
  33. Obfuscant
    by blackhandpath
    I could call this the natural conclusion of the bass-heavy nature of the most aggressive rap and drum'n'bass, but there's nothing natural about this mess of glitches and shouted rapping.
  34. Brill Building Is Burning
    by Ariskany Records
    Charlie Horse Charlie Horse
    Pop in opposition, maybe? This album covers a lot of ground, and not by putting one foot in front of the other.
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  35. État Civil
    Retour de Flammes Retour de Flammes
    Constant punkish tension rides atop cool gothic rock rhythms. French lyrics are delivered with an impressively emotional style that sounds something like Muse.
  36. Auguste
    by BOG
    The Dead [Fétichisme] The Dead [Fétichisme]
    Sludgy post metal at a slow tempo. It's frustratingly repetitive, but the first half of each song is quite an experience.
  37. Doomscapes
    by Diskord
    Pervasive Discreetness Pervasive Discreetness
    A writhing mass of dissonant riffs, wall-of-snare drumming, and awesome lead basslines. There are other bands that go into the studio with this level of technicality, but few that come out of it sounding anywhere near this weird.
  38. Foxfur And Rarebits
    by The Iditarod
    Where The Cold Winds Blow Where The Cold Winds Blow
    You're alone in the woods and the sunset is very pretty, but you know that afterwards comes the dark...
  39. The Feral Trees
    by The Feral Trees
    Rustic Bones Rustic Bones
    Banjodoom! Banjodoom banjodoom banjodoom—ahem, uh. This somber, expansive, and weighty album uses thick distorted guitar supplemented with folk instrumentation to create a majestic and immersive experience.
  40. Herval
    Aldi Iacta Est Aldi Iacta Est
    The riffs on this album are all wrong. They're bizarre, overly imaginative, upbeat, bluesy, and not even all tremolo picked. Completely undignified behavior for a black metal band.
  41. Bill MacKay and Darts & Arrows
    by Darts & Arrows
    As I Knew Her As I Knew Her
    Great guitar improvisation played over a traditional jazz trio. Has a very relaxed and organic feel.
  42. Litourgiya
    Yekteniya 5 Yekteniya 5
    The guitars play fairly ordinary, though very well written and executed, black metal, but the vocals are mostly orthodox chanting led by a very deep bass. They also appear to have invented the concept of the anonymous supergroup. And I'm not kidding about the bass—this guy hits a B1!
  43. Natives Are Getting Restless
    by Wurms
    Messiah In Gold Messiah In Gold
    Stoner/heavy psych that breaks it up in the middle with... very slow stoner/heavy psych. Granted, this doesn't push on any genre boundaries, but it is still quite original.
  44. Reptiles
    by Polymath
    Babel Babel
    You're on a math-rock motorcycle, swerving to keep track of the drumkit. Out of nowhere, you're hit with a truck carrying ten tons of pure stoner groove. But, you're still on the motorcycle... Polymath can derail a metaphor before you even mention trains.
  45. Phenomenons
    by Lidly
    Width of sphere Width of sphere
    "All Beat ALBUM" claims the description. But hip-hop/trap influences and incorrect pluralizatia are far from the only phenomenons present in an album dense with experimental electronics, syncopated blips, and mangled samples.