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  1. Paralyzed
    Lucifer's Road (My Baby And Me) Lucifer's Road (My Baby And Me)
    Top notch heavy classic rock with a healthy dose of the blues. This record has a seventies feel that is updated for 2022.Just another great release from the country of Germany. This has been on my wish list for way to fucking long. Not anymore.
  2. Beyond Life and Death
    by Hydra
    Prophetic Dreams Prophetic Dreams
    Their first release (From Light To the Abyss) took me by surprise. This their second did not take me by surprise. This release shows the band growing, a nice follow up. Top notch Occult rock.
  3. Groupthink
    by Smoke
    One Eyed King One Eyed King
    Like Mr Steve Rodger I also missed this one. Some sweet fuzz layered with sweet riffs makes this release a tasty morsel for the palate. I guess what I am saying is this is a sweet recording.
  4. Psychic Forms
    by Ealdor Bealu
    Mirror Reflecting Mirror Mirror Reflecting Mirror
    Desert rock, stoner rock, how about forest rock. Where do i start . For me this and Steaks Acute Mania are the top two releases so far in 2022 ( May 6th).
  5. Charley No Face - "The Green Man"
    by Forbidden Place Records
    Prism Prism
    Psychedelic rock with a touch of the blues. There is a raw feeling to this release. Psychedelic rock done right, an excellent release within this genre.
    by Great Rift
    Beteigeuze Beteigeuze
    Their first release was fantastic. 5 years later with two new members this their second release is even better.Great vocals, backed up by a rhythm section that rock hard and lead guitar solos that blister. Hope I do not have to wait another 5 years for their next release.
  7. Double Rainbow
    Mono Mono
    This is a damn fine release indeed. After listening to this on a good set of headphones it sounds deeper,heavier and the vocals sound fuller.The music has a grunge raw feel . Glad I got the last CD.
  8. Grandmother
    by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
    Cinitus Cinitus
    Have the bands first release in 2017 Medicine, and enjoyed it very much. When this was released in 2019 it did not have the same feel as Medicine. Coming back to give it another listen it floored me the second time around. The trick with discovering new music is to give it another chance to hear it again and maybe again.Some of the best albums i own did not do it at first. Excellent psychedelic/ doom rock.
  9. Burning Sister EP
    by Burning Sister
    Burning Sister Burning Sister
    Enjoy the low toned stoner rock this band plays. Solid drums and bass that are backed by heavy riffs,clean vocals and tight little solos. This three person band has that special something that sets this EP apart from other bands. What that is I can't say but when it comes to me I will let you know.
  10. Cavern Deep
    by Cavern Deep
    Abandoned Quarters Abandoned Quarters
    Top notch psychedelic doom. The atmosphere is bang on, with the lyrics tells a chilling story. You feel that you are right there in the deep caverns with these lost souls on this ill fated expedition. Late at night with headphones and a cold brew or two what an experience. This is a journey I will take again and again and again ....
  11. Humanotone
    by Humanotone
    Lucidez Lucidez
    Where to start. As stated by the Riff Sniffer great guitar tones and fantastic fuzz. Vocals are in Spanish both clean and not so clean. The vocals support the music. This is a one man band all instruments, vocals and even the artwork. A pleasant surprise. This is special.This is an artist in every sense of the word.
  12. maw
    by Maw
    call call
    Discovered this band on FDJ (Frazer) top 30 for 2021. I somehow missed this release last year. Excellent clean vocals. Twin guitars that complement each other and drums and bass that fill in and top up everything. As stated by Frazer they do remind me of Sungrazer that is a good thing. Thank You Frazer this is soooooo fuckin good.
  13. Of Blood and Wine
    by The Necromancers
    Lust Lust
    When I first heard this album I did not like it as much as Servants of the Salem Girl. But the more I listen to Of Blood and Wine fuck I don't know. This release slowly sneaks up on you ,the slower parts give it a eerie almost frightening sound.
  14. Servants of the Salem Girl
    by The Necromancers
    Salem Girl Part I Salem Girl Part I
    Excellent occult/doom retro album. As was stated this reminds me of an all time favorite band of mine Blue Oyster Cult . 789 people can't be wrong.
  15. Unwanted & Worthless (Re-do)
    by Troll Teeth
    Watch the Roads Watch the Roads
    Enjoyed last years release Going Nowhere Does Nothing in my top 20 for the year 2020. So when i saw they did a re-do of their first release I gave it a listen. This album is raw with cool vocals,heavy riffs, lightning solos and a touch of the blues. For a first release this showed what lied ahead. The band sent a couple extra CD's thank you so much.
  16. Midnight Karma
    by Midnight Karma
    The Battle of Oak Grove (part 1) The Battle of Oak Grove (part 1)
    A power trio. Frist rate stoner/heavy blues. This little five song EP is soooo good , it should be a lot more popular than it is. I can't explain it but i have a special place in my heart for the power trio bands that play the blues.
    by Bentrees
    Harmony Harmony
    The record has a seventies organic feel to it. A fantastic release powerful, raw, heavy psych. This gets better with each listen. Nothing fancy just a whole lot of talent and blood and guts. A solid, solid release .I can't believe that it took me four years to discover this band.
    by SPECK
    Firmament Firmament
    As stated by DenpaFuzz the music is psychedelic fuzz that holds you in a spellbinding hypnotic trance. If you are not careful you may become trapped in the haze and never leave. That may not be a bad thing in this day and age. The trio feed off each other. This is something special. I wish i would have held off on sending my top 20 for 2021 to the Obelisk. This release would have made top 10 for sure .Shame on me I know better. A great year for music.
  19. Howard I
    by Howard
    Animism Animism
    I agree with Mr Rote. A hammond organ and stoner .Yesssss. As Simone stated the hammond takes this to another level. This is a tasty 4 song EP.
  20. Rules
    by Annie Hardy
    Jade Helm Jade Helm
    Something polar opposite to what i mostly listen to but good music can come from anywhere and any genre. Check out Muschiosauro take I can not give a more accurate account of this record. Thanks to Muschiosauro for this find.