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  1. Sci-fi/Fantasy
    by Book of Wyrms
    Transcendental Migraine Transcendental Migraine
    Do not know why it took me so long to purchase this CD.Heavy riffs,nice solos,excellent rhythm section fronted by one of this genres top female vocalist
  2. Echoes Of The Second Sun
    by wolf prayer
    New Morning New Morning
    Heavy at times,chilled at times.A nice deep bass, the synthesizer adds a nice touch in a few songs and the vocals put the finishing touch on a very good recording.I have said it before and i will say it again love those bands from Germany
  3. Reflections
    by The Black Wizards
    Kaleidoscope eyes Kaleidoscope eyes
    What can i say it's The Black Wizards.Gitty up
  4. Heavenly Bodies
    by The Fërtility Cült
    Syzygies Syzygies
    This is the second CD of this band i have purchased,every bit as good as there latest release. A Forest of Kings.They have a new album out in October 2019.Bring on the new one boys
  5. The Mortal
    by Merlin
    Ashen Lake Ashen Lake
    Very unique sound the only band that sounds remotely close to these guys are the Fertility Cult.As Bucky stated occult vibes that are so intoxicating and mesmerizing.Merlin keeps upping the ante with each new release.So fucking good and cool
  6. Hell
    by Legba
    Gone Like The Ghost Gone Like The Ghost
    In the stoner/psych genre. Doom,sludge,occult is the sub genre i follow and know the least about.This album is fantastic the lyrics are top notch heartbreaking and gloomy filled with dark undertones.The vocals are smooth with some growling and heart felt.The music is slow and dark,the synthesizer and keyboards add a touch of light to the darkness.The album needs to be heard as a whole.These guys and girl have made something beautiful and magical.Biggest surprise in 2019
  7. Mother Sky
    by Red Stone Souls
    Void Walker Void Walker
    Found this on my feed last week thanks to Theodore Rizos for that feed.Hard and heavy rock and roll with a touch of the blues.Best defined by Mr Rodger this has swagger .Excellent album.Expect nothing less the band hails from Detriot Rock City
  8. Habatat
    by Habatat
    Three Prong Song Three Prong Song
    A funky blues jam band reminds me alot of Widespread Panic a favorite band of mine.The vocalist sounds alot like John Bell from WSP,good jams excellent vocals,a nice rockin CD.Very smooth sounding recording thanks to D3xtr0m for the feed on this one.
  9. A Forest of Kings
    by The Fërtility Cült
    Blood Of Kings Blood Of Kings
    One of only a few bands in the psychedelic genre and all the sub genre to use a saxophone on every song.Very cool sound,excellent song writing both with lyrics and instuments as one of the comments stated hypnotic and gloomy, with progressive tendencies and so fucking good
  10. Cosmic Engine
    by Cosmic Engine
    Love Haze ( Instrumental ) Love Haze ( Instrumental )
    Late sixties,early seventies feel.In one word this album brings me joy.Takes me back to a time when life was simple,where in lies the beauty of this album its simplicty.That is high praise.This makes the hundreds of hours listening to shit worth it.And yes it does need more cowbell
  11. Stoneface
    by The Ivory Elephant
    Wars Wars
    Enjoyed their last album Number one pop hits.You can hear the maturity in their sound in this their latest album.Psych blues of the highest level. I do not know what the fuck it is with the blues and Australia,man can the bands from down under play the blues.My top album of 2019 so far with four months to go
  12. Visions For The Celestial
    by Datura
    Magnetise Magnetise
    I missed the boat on this one by only 20 years.Recorded in 1999 sounds so good and fresh in 2019.Some of the new bands should listen to this to hear how stoner/acid rock should sound like.This is a gem in hiding again thank you BC for this hidden treasure
  13. Good As Evil
    by BlackWater
    A Comatose Adventure A Comatose Adventure
    Seventies style doom,this is some flesh peeling stuff.The two longer songs both over twelve min long are progressive in style and take this album to the next level.Excellent stuff from the boys from Cleveland,expect nothing less as Cleveland is the home of the Rock and Roll hall of fame
  14. Paradise & Nadir
    by Willow Child
    Beyond The Blue Fields Beyond The Blue Fields
    Everything good the seventies had to offer in rock.Organ,lead guitar,good rhythm section, and sweet,smooth vocals.Classy retro rock with a down to earth organic feel
  15. Limestone Whale
    by Limestone Whale
    W W
    Can not add anything,that has not been said already.A very good record from the very first note to the last note.
  16. Spawned in Hell
    by Doomicidal
    Less Than Perfect Less Than Perfect
    Old style psych doom rock with a strong rhythm section plenty of riffs,tasty leads,and cool vocals.A nice introduction to this band
  17. Boca do Inferno
    by DiTCH
    White Smoke and Peyote White Smoke and Peyote
    Raw stoner,desert rock.Reminds me of another favorite Dutch band The Machine.Enjoy all the songs,great vocals.This is why Bandcamp is so good all those little known bands that i would never of had the pleasure to discover without BC
  18. Long Way Home
    by Slow Joe Crow & the Berserker Blues Band
    Electric Mud Electric Mud
    This is some gut wrenching heavy psych stoner blues.It found a dark place deep with in me,a place i locked away years ago,enough said. Electric Mud is the dirtiest blues song i have ever had the pleasure to hear while Le Morte is one of the saddest songs i have heard.I would have to say that this album has changed me in some positive way, very powerful, They say you have to live the blues to play the blues these boys do.Fucking outstanding
  19. Funk City Revolutions
    68 Jailbreak 68 Jailbreak
    Love this type of psychedelic stoner blues,in places sounds alot like Snowy White then the fuzz kicks in.These gentlemen should have a bigger following.Solid album from the first note to the last note
  20. Fools and Angels
    Fools and Angels Fools and Angels
    The so called stoner/psychedelic genre has so many sub genres,that i lose track.All i know is this is some fantastic shit.This genre is in great shape.Makes life a little more enjoyable in the good and also in the bad times.Thanks to all the bands,i would hate to live in a world without music.
  21. Drown the Witness
    by Carson
    Pissing in the Wind Pissing in the Wind
    Dirty stoner/desert psychedelic rock with a touch of the blues.The bass and drums are filthy,Sad to hear that they are no longer togeather but they left one amazing last album
  22. Submerge
    by Son Cesano
    Aberration Aberration
    Not a big fan of instrumental bands but these psychedelic stoners reach the depths of what is left of my worn out soul.This album is therapy for this old dog.Fantastic guys thanks for the great music.
  23. Deli Bal
    Trimenon (Bonus Track) Trimenon (Bonus Track)
    Thanks to Dragonsmoke for the heads up on this.It is a hidden gem that unravels it's secrets with each and every listen,haunting and addictive.
  24. Sideways In Time
    by Gone Cosmic
    Turbulent Turbulent
    Smooooooth vocals,nice guitar work,solid rhythm section,and they hail from Calgary my neck of the woods.Excellent work girl and guys
  25. Beyond The Sun
    by Woodhawk
    Foresee The Future Foresee The Future
    Good Canadian stoner rock.Riffs a plenty,nice clean vocals sounds like the boys enjoy what they do,cause i sure enjoy listening to it.To long on my wish list,not anymore
  26. Dumb Monsters
    by The Miracle Mongers
    What we Bring What we Bring
    FDJ hit it right on the head,70s sounding with sabbath and Heep flavors, and as also stated by the Rock Man a wickedly awesome album a hidden gem
  27. Seismic Shifter
    by Baleful Creed
    Baleful Creed - Devil's Side Baleful Creed - Devil's Side
    Discovered this band by following fellow bandcampers who have the same taste in bands.Thanks to Adam,Mike H,and Bucky.This gets better with each listen like Bucky said highly addictive
  28. Threshold
    by The Age Of Truth
    Honeypot Honeypot
    No non sense,no holds bared,straight ahead honest rock n roll,got the second last copy of this CD.Excellent musicianship,vocals first rate.The boys from Philly did themself proud
  29. Coming Home
    by COSMOS
    Coming Home Coming Home
    No country does the blues like the bands from down under.Top notch psych blues.
  30. Marblewood
    by Marblewood
    Silence Silence
    Abnormal put me on this path,then i saw the usual cast of characters.Bucky,Paul FDJ.I have been on this musical journey for close to fifty years.Love where this path has taken me,Thank you gentlemen this is a find of a lifetime
  31. What The Fuzz!
    by The Black Wizards
    Everything is Good Until Trouble Comes Everything is Good Until Trouble Comes
    Leans more to the psychedelic acid blues sound than the heavy doom sound,none the less not a second of wasted music on this baby.For a young band they play way beyond there years.
  32. KHP009 ★ Cleõphüzz - Wizard Of Phüzz
    by Cleõphüzz
    Half Moon Ritual Half Moon Ritual
    Excellent fuzz,psychedelic music with a cello and sitar thrown in .Again nice to be able to support a fellow Canadian band
  33. This Is Our Culture
    by Electric Octopus
    Sundried Equivalence Sundried Equivalence
    Not a big fan of instrumental psychedelic rock but this is an exception to the rule.These gentlemen lay down some amazing music,nice for a change of pace
  34. Getaway Van
    by Getaway Van
    Ugh Ugh
    Blistering stoner rock,from the guitar riffs,to the solos,vocals,and rhythm section.An overall enjoyable album that sounds better with every listen.Nice to be able to support fellow Canadians
  35. The Healer
    by Savanah
    Pillars Of Creation Pillars Of Creation
    Every bit as good as the first CD,retro 70s sound with updated feel.This CD is a little more progressive
  36. Crossing the Desert
    by BORT
    Sacraments & Bayonets Sacraments & Bayonets
    Very good straight up stoner rock.Excellent song writing,guitar solos,strong and deep rhythm section,and the vocals great finishing touch.Added togeather one very good album.Nice to be able to support fellow Canadians
  37. Numidia
    by Numidia
    Red Hymn Red Hymn
    Spent 30 $ canadian on the CD.I never pay that much,worth every penny.As for the music, very few times in my life,I am SPEECHLESS
  38. Medicine
    by Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree
    Every Night I Walk the Same Trail of Thought Every Night I Walk the Same Trail of Thought
    Love how the songs are longer and take there time building up, and changing pace.The vocals are laid back and seem to play second fiddle to the music.Love those bands from Germany.
  39. Deep Shades
    by Savanah
    Blue Reality Blue Reality
    Like this CD from begining to end,down to earth music done right.My favorite type of psychedelic,doom,retro 70s sound that is updated if that makes sense
  40. The World Today
    by Hobo Magic
    The World Today The World Today
    like the music very much ordered the CD never came,sent the band e-mails no reply.Filed a claim with pay pal they refunded my money.I will spend my money elsewhere on bands that care about their fans.Sad as the music is very good.Update ordered this CD Dec 23 /2018 arrived July 17 2019 was shipped June 25/2019.Thanks for sending the CD but what happened is still unexceptable.
  41. Verity
    by Isla Fortuna
    Thinker's Cave Thinker's Cave
    Very deep and rich sound excellent addition to any psychedelic collection,and how many bands do you hear that are from Cyprus.If psychedelic stoner is your prefered style give a listen,I think you will like
  42. In Search Of Outer Space
    by Cosmic Fall
    Jabberwocky Jabberwocky
    The songs take there sweet time to evolve into the search for outer space.I could listen to this album all day long and never get tired of it
  43. Mystic Sons
    by Mystic Sons
    Black Ritual Black Ritual
    They are not reinventing the wheel,or doing anything that has not been done before.But what they do they do very well and that is desert,stoner rock.Great riffs,vocals,and the guitar solos.A very enjoyable record
  44. Delusional
    by Rick Miller
    Delusional Psychosis Delusional Psychosis
    A good album,his darkest to date,a very consistant musician
  45. No Pocus Without Hocus (Special Edition)
    by Murky Red
    Sweet Dark Hypnosis Sweet Dark Hypnosis
    This album sneaks up on you ,a little Black Sabbath,Pink Floyd,Deep Purple,and a whole lot of Murky Red