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Leah Kardos

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  1. Push Thru
    by model home
  2. The Beauty Shop
    by Kristeen Young
  3. A Tension of Opposites Vols 1 & 2
    by O Yuki Conjugate
  4. Undir Köldum Norðurljósum
    by Kælan Mikla
    Ósýnileg Ósýnileg
    Wonderfully chilly synths with voluptuous, haunted atmospherics and beautifully evolved vocal production.
    There are at least two genuine darkpop bangers here with “Örlögin” and “Halastjarnan”, but my pick has to be propulsive “Ósýinileg”.
  5. It Would Be Nice
    by Annie Fish
  6. The Andvaka Suite
    by Bjarni Biering
  7. I Was Going To Buy You a Bouquet of Roses But Then I Realized I Was a Crab So I Decided I'd Boil Myself Instead: The Complete Spirits of Salt
    by Spirits of Salt
  8. Pig Myths: The Hits (So Far)
    by Violet Mice
  9. Ghosts of Cheer
    by Violet Mice
    by Annie Fish
  11. Anything Anything
    by Annie Fish
  12. Slumping
    by Annie Fish
  13. Pig Myths Part Two: Last Hits
    by Violet Mice
  14. Remember The Embers
    by Annie Fish
  15. The Unified Theory of the Year of the Diamond Dogs
    by Annie Fish
  16. Live / Nude
    by Violet Mice
  17. As I Look Back
    by Kristi Kimsey
    by UNE
  19. InBach vol. 2
    by Arandel
    It's classical painted in vibrant, cosmic, luxe technicolour. Hugely pleasurable listen.
  20. Dinner At Eight
    by Wayne Horvitz