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  1. The Cochlear Album 2: Pan's Poison
    by TESD4Implants2
  2. שירים משומשים: פרשנויות בעברית לשירי טום ווייטס
    by עונג שבת
  3. The Cochlear Album
    by TESD4Implants
  4. TESD X-Mas 2016
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  5. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Overkill - The Zune Years
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  6. NYC Podfest 2016 - The Long Burn
    by Tell 'Em Steve-Dave!
  7. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! 289
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  8. TESD Christmas 2015
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  9. TESD X​-Mas 2014
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  10. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. III
    by Various Artists
  11. Show 'Em The Hand Vol. II
    by Various Artists
  12. Tell 'em Steve​-​Dave X​-​Mas 2013
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  13. Live at the Triple Door!
    by Raina Rose
  14. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave! Overkill - The Zune Years - Bonus Tracks Only
    by Tell 'em Steve-Dave
  15. Tell 'em Steve-Dave X-Mas 2012
    by Walt, Bryan, Quinn, Ming and Sunday Jeff
  16. 13 Hits from Hell
    by Ripfits
  17. "An Evening With ADAM WEST"
    by Adam West & Ralph Garman
  18. Do You Swear To Tell The Truth The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth So Help Your Black Ass
    by Amanda Palmer
  19. Tell 'Em Steve-Dave - XMas 2011
    by Tell 'Em Steve-Dave
  20. Who Killed Amanda Palmer [Alternate Tracks]
    by Amanda Palmer