Stream live on Bandcamp

Ticketed live streaming with integrated merch and supporter chat.

Streaming made easy

You don’t need a computer science degree, empty concert hall, and 7 cameras to put on a great live stream. With just a bit of setup, plus a laptop, webcam, and microphone, you can start streaming on Bandcamp and connecting directly with your fans.

Integrated with Bandcamp

We automatically notify your fans when you announce a show, and buying is a breeze since most already have a Bandcamp account and saved credit card. New fans become followers, and have the option to join your mailing list.

Meet you at the merch table

Display your music and merch right alongside your stream. Fans can buy without interrupting the show, and their purchases appear in the chat, driving more sales.

Streamside chat

Optional live chat lets your fans discuss the show, and lets you (or your chosen moderators) engage directly with your community.

Artists first

As with every feature on Bandcamp, live streaming is built for artists first, and gives you full control of your event and your data. Learn more about everything an artist account offers.

Transparent pricing

We don’t pretend ticketing is free and then surprise your fans with a “convenience fee” when they check out. You set your ticket price, and that’s what your fans are charged. Our fee is 10%, and we’re waiving it entirely until June 30th, 2021.

Learn more in our
Live streaming help center.

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