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  1. 021025
    by Various
  2. Electrocean/Winter Walk
    by Aythar
  3. Forming Star
    by Eric Hilton
  4. Endurance V (reorchestration)
    by IREZUMI
  5. July 1
    by Futuregrapher
  6. The Shining Cosmos
    by All India Radio
  7. The Ancestor Circle
    by Steve Roach - Jorge Reyes
  8. Terraformer (2021 24bit Collectors Edition)
    by Andy Pickford
    Sundance (2021 Remaster) Sundance (2021 Remaster)
    More bass he said. Not wrong there, excellent dynamics on this wonderful remastered AP classic. Loads of extra material to get your ears into, particularly the Dystopia stuff if you never got around to that CD. Lots of favourite tracks here, but picked out "Sundance" as it's appropriate and so f'kin happy (oh and the weather picked up) after all this crap everyone has had to endure this last year and a half (The Covid years) if you're reading this in the future. Can't go wrong with this release
  9. Tensegrity - Vol.3
    by ...TXT Recordings
  10. Nemeton
    by RadioSilence
  11. MS-V-MS
    by Mick Chillage
  12. Ariel - full album 2000
    by Louisa John-Krol
  13. Ár var alda (In ancient times)
    by Gydja
  14. Coercion Of Deities
    by Various
  15. Objective Linearity
    by RadioSilence
    Esmer's Well Esmer's Well
    For me a beautiful mix of ambience and the best of Tangerine Dream style melody's. Or another way of looking at it is take Mark Shreeve's System 6 track from the album Assassin extend the tracks to about half hour each and you have the current variable of Andy Pickford's Radio Silence. I listen to alot by the way but I'll always come back to AP for a pick up. Absolutely wonderful stuff mate and don't ever break what ain't broken. ⛏️O top notch.
  16. Jupiter 13
    by Kilbey Kennedy
  17. Afterworld
    by All India Radio
  18. Afterworld
    by All India Radio
  19. Afterworld
    by All India Radio
  20. Soundescapes
    by Mick Chillage