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  1. Oak and Ivy
    by Oak and Ivy
  2. Volume III
    by Spectral Inquisitor
  3. This Mess Is a Place
    by Tacocat
  4. Tacocat "Womans Day"
    by Minor Bird Records
  5. Remix Tape II
    by Popskyy
  6. Apothecary's Satchel
    by Witch's Amulet
  7. Gnomish Delights
    by Deep Gnome & Springbier
  8. The Moon that never sets
    by Sanctuary
  9. Weaver
    by Scrying Glass
    by RoboRob
  11. Mario Mixtape
    by Mustin
  12. Retrogoblin I + The Lost Levels
    by Retrogoblin
  13. The Adder Witch
    by Maiden Hair
  14. Seraphimus
    by Cephalophore
  15. The Ice Towers Of Whitehelm
    by Velnias
  16. Each To His Fate
    by Ringbearer
  17. Rises Above the Walls
    by Siege Golem
  18. Bliss of Non​-​Temporal Condition
    by Magna Corporea
  19. Melancholic Shadows of the Vampyric Aristocracy
    by Erythrite Throne
  20. Disasterpiece
    by Swamp Ass