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  1. Those Days Are Gone
    by Free Throw
    Such Luck Such Luck
  2. Bear Your Mind
    by Free Throw
    Weak Tables Weak Tables

    It has been awhile since I've enjoyed an album quite this much. This is a masterpiece of Twinkly Midwestern Emo Revival greatness that I can foresee myself playing until every bellow, thundering guitar riff, and drum clap is singed in my memory.
    The album starts off pretty slow. But I like that because the last song is also slow. It's like a music sandwich. Two soft pieces of bread packaging an awesome center. And this is the best gosh darn sandwich I've ingested. My favorite songs are just about all of them but I'll name a few that have stuck out to me in particular:

    Randy, I Am the Liquor
    Weak Tables
    Andy and I, Uhh...

    This album gives me that same gut burning sensation of invincibility I used to get from bands like Brand New and TBs when I was 16/17
  3. Social Skills
    by Naps
  4. Starting Fires In My Parents House
    by blis.
    Floating Somewhere High and Above Floating Somewhere High and Above
  5. Summer '17 Demos
    by Madrigal
    Lakes Lakes
    I listen to Carrier on repeat while reading. Thank you for such a great track. The lyrics really hit home and the music is tinged with sadness and nostalgia.
    "If I find another stupid reason to waste your time you'll never want anything to do with me again!"
  6. demon daze
    by sports.
    I Am the Boy I Am the Boy
  7. Real Stories of True People Who Kind of Looked Like Monsters
    by Oso Oso
    Another Night Another Night
    A real story of true people:

    the day we met the rain smelled like hot cement. I think I saw you in passing maybe at a party with your girlfriend, she seemed kind of pretty. I remember long nights spent talking over cigarettes. our eyes would meet and stay locked for too long; my stomach would burn; my heart would pound faster than it does during conversations with friends. when you left her she asked me to help win you back so I feigned my condolences and pretended to try but I could've tried harder. I just didn't want to... if I drove you apart I'm sorry. I promise you I didn't want to hurt anyone. I still think about last summer but try not to. the pills I take now calm the thrill I had during reckless nights. we were invincible and alive like I'd never felt before . Or maybe I felt it once but that was back in high school. responsibility drove me down and I found myself kicking under soil and dirt. you tried to help me see my way but I was only making you lose yours. I guess I'm selfish. last summer was a mess but the kind that doesn't need cleaning now my life is the same everyday with the same people and the same things. I miss the way things used to be.

    For Jacob...I hope you read this and remember listening to this album at the Lake 7/18/16
  8. Rock Songs
    by Yeehaw!
    Thanks Somãge Thanks Somãge
  9. Halogens
    by Halogens
    Kitchen Sink Kitchen Sink
  10. Celebrate
    by Tiny Moving Parts
    Happy Birthday Happy Birthday