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  1. Dead Fuck(Single)
    by VANIK
  2. Body Prophecy
    by Black Magnet
  3. Jupiter 92
    by Tamás Kátai
  4. DEMO 2022
  5. Anti-Angel (demo)
    by Bihargam
  6. Live Tenebrae
    by Bihargam
  7. HDK 40 † Mörk Borg
    by GNOLL
  8. Mortal Fixation
    by Joel Grind
  9. I Resign
    by Crypta
  10. You're Melting!
    by Acid Witch
  11. The Chaos of Our Lost and Evil Souls
    by Nihil Invocation
  12. New World (feat. Fabienne Erni)
    by Lindsay Schoolcraft
  13. Witchdance Rising
    by Vengeance Sorcery
  14. Shade of Darkness Casting... (Demo IV)
    by Vengeance Sorcery
  15. If None Will Call the Devil's Blood... (Demo II)
    by Vengeance Sorcery
  16. Forbidden Doctrine of the Youthful Gate
    by Vengeance Sorcery
  17. Under The Stairs(Single)
    by VANIK
  18. Secret Killer(Single)
    by VANIK
  19. Chthonian Twilight Ritual
    by Nihil Invocation
  20. Skull Is For You(Single)
    by VANIK