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  1. Punk
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  1. The Damaged Organ
    by AUA
  2. You Will Eventually Be Forgotten- Japanese Bonus Tracks
    by Empire! Empire! (I Was a Lonely Estate)
  3. Split w/ Planks
    by O
  4. Split w/ O
    by Planks
  5. ECHO 036 DAITRO y
    by Daitro
    Y8 Y8
    emotional screamo full of melody and groovy guitar parts. love the bass and guitar on this album.
  6. Der Endless Dream
    by Radare
    Second Son Second Son
    still very moody, still very dreamlike. very different, but still radare. this feels like a weird dream and ou don't know how to wake up, cause it's actually really good.
  7. demo tape
    by Deutsche Laichen
  8. s/t
    by Masada
    schwärzester punkt schwärzester punkt
    Intensive but still melodic screamo with lots of drive. Love the song structure.
    Sometimes produced a little to clean for my taste.
  9. s/t tape
    by ryvulet