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  1. Clyde Vanilla - Saison 1
    by Antoine Daniel, Wendoh
  2. The Cold Death of Self
    by Grief & Bliss
  3. Grief
    by Grief & Bliss
  4. Endeavor
    by Grief & Bliss
  5. The Degenerate Era
    by Mesarthim
  6. Dying Ember
    by Autumn's Dawn
  7. Juliette
    by Ollie Wride
  8. A Trip to the Sea
    by Hiki
  9. Closer
    by Dreariness
  10. BLIND
    by Break My Fucking Sky
  11. The Letters We'll Never Send (2019) [single]
    by Break My Fucking Sky
  12. Till Death Do You Part (2017) [single]
    by Break My Fucking Sky
  13. Insomnia
    by A Light in the Dark
  14. I
    by S E L F
  15. Unreachable
    by Soulless
  16. Lost In Mind
    by Soulless
  17. Hiraeth
    by Sadness/Soulless/In Autumnus/Grief & Bliss
    See you when the sky turns purple... See you when the sky turns purple...
    Amazing split, Sadness make me discovered three other bands really talented, the three Soulless songs are incredible. A must have.
  18. Noir Kid (Instrumental Version)
    by Violet Cold
  19. Green Horizon / Hiki
    by Green Horizon, Hiki
  20. Alluring the distant eye
    by Sadness