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  1. Exhausting Drownings
    by Wings Of An Angel
  2. Sheltered
    by Mick Chillage
  3. Petty Ballads For No More Cold Ashes Below
    by Wings Of An Angel
  4. Drifting
    by Innesti
  5. Afraid Of Conscious Dimensions
    by Wings Of An Angel
  6. It's Just A Figment Of My Imagination To Paint The Same Faded Lines; I Won't Let It Happen To Me, But I'm Not A Hero - I'm A Fool! It's Just My Imagination, My Hands Are Tied And My Heart Is Free - But This Isn't Me; And I Don't Know Just Where To Begin, I'm Fearless Like Expired Wine
    by Wings Of An Angel
  7. Furthermore
    by Hilyard
  8. Division Cycle
    by Hilyard
  9. Let's Talk My Friends, So I Could Tell You In My Most Uncertain Hour That There Is Never Any Right Or Wrong, So You Better Stay Safe At Sea, Like A River On A Chain Of River Waste
    by Wings Of An Angel
  10. I'll Kiss The Ground Before I Even Awake For The First Time
    by Wings Of An Angel
  11. I'm Interested In The Art Of Flight, In Formation On The Moon, I Look At The Earth From A Height Distance, And I Sense A Passion Deep Inside; People Think That We're Masses Of Sand, But I Know The Truth, That We're Suntan Ants Without Prospective Self-Consciousness
    by Wings Of An Angel
  12. Judge Barthorne And The Infamous Viet Trash Court
    by Wings Of An Angel
  13. Dialogues Of Longing
    by Wings of an Angel & Tziona Achishena
  14. In This Hedonistic Society, Where Everything Precious And Shallow Alike Is Readily-Won-And-Readily-Lost, The Natural Habitat For Saints Is The Graveyard
    by Wings Of An Angel
  15. I'd Give Anything To Avoid The Verdict Of Death, Because The Moot Status Of Death Nullifies Every Single Experience Accumulated In This Squeamish Human Form
    by Wings Of An Angel
  16. Distance As Power
    by 36 & Duenn
  17. In Dreams Awake
    by Pale Glow
  18. Sodium Light
    by Moss Covered Technology
  19. One Chance to Mend it All
    by Tsone
  20. I Want To Be More Of A Mystery, More Of A Cosmopolitan Passenger, Whom Nobody Really Knows By Heart... Wait... No... Perhaps More Of A Colossal Failure, More Of A Meaner Or A Falling Comet Than A Passenger
    by Wings Of An Angel